Half the Armys kit not working?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RSupwood, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Half the kit doesn’t work and the other half has yet to be delivered.
  2. I think this is mischief-making. Much of the reported unavailability will be due to BOWMAN conversions which, MoD announced in '94, would be a lengthy programme because they were not committing funds on preparatory work which would have oiled the wheels. The report may be true in parts, but it's simply policy.
  3. Half the Armys kit not working?

    Broken record.
  4. I am surprised the stat is so low !
  5. Not only am I getting a little bored of the Torygraph playing the same old broken record, but Rayment hasn't even read/understood what he's writing about.

    Vehicles in 'training' units appear in column 6. Thus it seems pretty believable that the majority of said vehicles are in "working order."

  6. Is your pint glass half full or half empty?

    Half the army's kit is working - surely an improvement!!
  7. Sturgeon and Salamander - clearly that's BATUS and Warminster, isn't it. So the REME effort is going into the CR2 and WR vehicles I would expect...
  9. It's about time it got out, stop penny pinching and pretending that whole fleet mismanagement is working and get the kit back with the troops, where it can be maintained and troops can learn.
  10. Only half not working? Things are improving, then.
  11. Damn good job they don't have Chieftains any more!