Half Pension??


Is there still a lump sum paid out after 12 years service if i were to leave. And if so how much would it be for a LCpl? (been a naughty boy) any help much appreciated


Thanks for the reply, looks like ive shit out then as i might be getting my pension as soon as i leave, which is crap compared to a one off grant of nearly 9 grand.


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Obviosuly I dont know your circumstances Bombdr, but if you getting your pesnion immediatly, I would hazzard a guess that its medical related, so the bonus there is a) its Non taxable and b) you carry on getting it forever, so it shouldnt be to long before it overtakes the grant hopefully
If your discharge is for medical reasons, bad luck.

Your pension will reflect your length of service, your rank and the severity of your disability and whether it was caused by your service. The rules changed a while ago, and I will try to remember to check in the morning once I am back on the faster system.

Have you tried the Veteran Agency site or spoken to your RAO?



Spoke to the veterans agency and the BL but they dont have my paperwork yet. But thanks, will try the link you posted.

Although there isn't a date on the pdf document at the link provided by Oracle, it looks as if that is the latest version for the 75 pension (I assume that you joined before Apr 2005).

The problem is that the document doesn't give figures for your pension because they are decided by the AFPAA and the Veterans' Agency. However, I have found the latest pension spreadsheets:

Basic pension for early discharge:

:arrow: LCpl (OR4?) with 5 year's service (post 18th birthday) = £3580 pa

:arrow: With a 50% disability, I think that would be increased to £6249 pa.

:arrow: A terminal grant of 3* that sum would be payable on retirement.

:arrow: The figures do not show what happens if you have less than 5 year's service.

There are lots of caveats to that information, and you should consult your RAO! You also need to get your resettlement programme started!

Good Luck!


It really is too early in the day and I haven't yet had my third cup of tea, so I am not working, or reading, at full speed yet.....

12 years and LCpl: £5838


20% - £3802
50% - £6249

(I now assume that this figure is in addition to the first figure).

There are no footnotes to these tables so treat these figures with caution.


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