Half Pay

A mate on exercise last summer was injured and unable to work. Since then he's been paid by the TA, which in itself is another drama of mistakes and failures to actually pay him. He's still unable to work in his trade, and looks to be getting operated on in March. Out of the blue someone somewhere has stuck him on half pay without warning, having managed to forget to pay him in December.

What's the score on this half pay business? He's yet to be declared fit for work by the Army Doctor, who he doesn't see untill later in February. Does anyone know the regs on this?
Himey said:
Go and speak to a Solicitor
Agreed. I have never heard of this in the forces, but a civvie employer can. I had a mate in a similar situation about 10 yrs ago and he was paid for several months on normal pay.
It sounds like someone has become p!ssed off with loosing MTDs on him so they are swinging the lead to see how much they can get away with.
I believe that full pay only lasts for six months, after this the individual should be assesed and given an award. The half pay thing is probably a stop gap till the med board decides on the size of the award then this will be deducted....... thats what happened to me but it was some time ago so things could have changed.
The pay warrant provides for placing long term sick on half pay, I've never heard of it being applied, although it is clearly available. If your mate was injured on duty, that's an altogether different matter and he needs to address this. The Chain of Command should be all over this (obviously not) otherwise he should speak to the RBL who will be able to advise.
In my case i was put on disablement (I Think) had to provide doctors sick note, fill in form from admin office and get it signed and stamped from employer and DSS to prove I was not getting any sick pay. I then recived pay for the duration of the sick note, this of course on;ly aftyer Glasgow had lost the first two sets of paperwork to be sent. I recived pay without tax and NI being taken out and im sure it came from a seoerate budget not MTD's. But like I say it was a long time ago and things could have changed. But probably not Glasgow losing the paperwork part.
This happened to a young friend of mine while he was on AT with his OTC. He broke his leg so badly that his military career options were caput and ended up at one point 50/50 for amputation. He was on half pay for a while and then as Aintborkedontfixit said getting a proper disability award and pension.

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