Half of the Waffen SS are alive and well in Wales!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LostBoss, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Idly looking at the Army.Mod site and saw the link to the latest bunch of Dustys the Super Special Forces Special Support Group (We are Special).


    This is apparently their emblem


    Now am I wrong or have I seen some of this before???????
  2. Hmm, I'd accuse those responsible, of crass insensitivity, but sadly, they are probably more guilty of ignorance and stupidity. Will this just be a small subdued badge worn on the sleeve, or will it be a repeated motif running down the seam of each leg and emblazoned 18" x 12" across the back of their smocks? :roll:
  3. I think they will look fetching on each lapel and as gorget tabs on Blues / Browns.

    The will have "Dusty's Own SFSFSFGGS" armbands also.
  4. Yeah, you saw it here last week :wink:
  5. Didnt one of the world war 11 comando units start out with ss in their insigna? Seem to remeber reading somewhere .I cant believe the army designed the insignia unless somebody did it for a laugh .
  6. Why the RAF regt? Last time I worked with that bunch of walts they were rubbish! I see, redarses to make brews and do block jobs! :)
  7. Yeah, the Special Service, one of the first Army Commando Units.

  8. What happened to WW3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10?
  9. Prat. There's a trojan on this link - if anyone's antivirus program didn't pick it up I suggest you update your virus definitions then scan your PC.
  10. Wondered why my PC took a while to load it....you silly cnut.
  11. IIRC the HQ of the 1st special service Brigade also had an SS badge.
  12. I thought that the

    "Well if you WERE actually looking for the real thing - as you do - if you collect nazi stuff..... er.... then here are some links I happen to have."

    post was a little - well - odd.

    To find it contaminated with nanosyph is no surpise!

  13. I think the real "Oooh that's a bit fascist" issue is that this looks remarkable like the BUF insignia.

    I am not surprised that half the Waffen SS are well and living in Wales, the other half have been running boarding houses and B&Bs in many of Britain's coastal resorts for years and years...Von sossitch und two rashers verdammte turist pig-dog, ah goot the rain comes und for you ze holiday ist ofer!