Half of British Servicemen want to quit

I'm sure most will have seen the headlines about the latest survey results compiled by the Ministry of Defence, but many might not have seen some of the other statistics that the survey uncovered.

According to the Daily Mail, 15 percent said that they had suffered from discrimination - equal to around 26,000 personnel. In addition seven percent had sufferered from bullying (12,000 personnel equivalent) and eight percent endured harassment (13,800)

These figures have been lost behind the headline, but reveal a shocking level of suffering endured by people serving in the three armed services. If this was any other company there would be a massive outcry and the MOD would be in SERIOUS trouble.

I am one of these people that have suffered for years and I know all too well the lack of justice within the military complaints system. Even after an out of court settlement after I sued the MOD (and after finding no joy within the sham of an internal complaints system) I have seen no improvement within the military, but as a consequence I have moved due to the stigma of trying to speak out. After having moved I am deeply saddened to find the problem widespread - and even more worrying - generally accepted by people as "normal" and "part of the culture". Not to simply put up with it is "not to fit in" and "not to be a team player" - worse still, to "not be able to take a joke".

After raising a question with one of the MOD E+D people a group of us were disgusted to hear how Officers were being "encouraged" and "educated" about E+D issues.......encouraged? The last time I looked these things are both Military AND civilian law! They are not optional, they are compulsory, and failure to comply or implement them should be a sackable offence for Officers and other ranks alike. This weak approach leaves others to have to endure bullying, harassment and discrimination, and forces those at the bottom without the luxury of rank to have to take the initative (often at great expense financially, emotionally and practically within their working environment) rather than the MOD accepting their legal responsability.

PLEASE, let us expose this problem and have those agencies outside the military call for action to be taken. These figures are damning to any employer in the 21st century - regardless of the nature of the work. All those doing the job should be able to without fear of discrimination or abuse. To allow this to continue is to condemn too many people to continue to suffer and is unacceptable.
I was in the Army during the LABOUR Wilson/Callaghan era and the state of many things have returned to the standards of the 70s housing pay etc. It looks like LABOUR are up to there old tricks with the armed forces, short of kit short of pay but still used and abused.
Things only got better when Maggie win the general election.
From that point on everything improved to a standard that kept the soldier in happy with his lot (not perfect but life is not perfect) and a good standard of life was the norm.
I was still in the Army when BLAIR won the election and within 12 months things really started to slide back to the 70s. CUTS cuts and more Cuts.
In my time of service the best would have been during the time of Tory Government.
It proves to me that LABOUR do not give a monkeys ???? about the Armed Forces.
Before anyone asks joined 71 left 2001.

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