Half naked man wanted

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Homefront, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Hello all!
    Students are looking for a half naked man!

    We are searching for an army man who will be willing to pose half naked (top half) for students in their magazine in the feature 'hunk of the month'

    To feature in the mag you have to:
    Be fit
    Be willing to expose top half

    If you have any photos and are happy to show off your body then email pics to homefront08 @ googlemail.com

    or if any of you men are from Preston area then drop me an email and maybe you could come into university and we will take professional photos!

    Don't be scared boys, give us an email!


  2. One for Mr Golden or his mate...me thinks :D
  3. Rate 8: Dwell On for figs 5.

    Baseplate Out.
  4. could get more than they bargained for when MDN gets wind!! And they didn't say bottom half COULDN'T be naked! Does a gimp mask count as clothing??
  5. blue oyster club.10 mins.
  6. Its top half! not bottom half please!
  7. Do you have wide angled lenses? or if its the bottom half you want, telescopic lenses
  8. Are they female students?
    Are they good looking, amply chested and well propotioned, horny female students?

    If so, and for a small fee, I could be persuaded...
  9. Naturally I could do it as I have the Physique of a true "God of war".


    Shame I have the flu/aids/parkinsons/malaria/dimness of vision/pin pointed pupils/excess salivation/involuntary urination and defication/a bilistered heel/a cold sore.!
  10. We're students we can't afford to pay a small fee!!
  11. Okay if one of you (Now this isn't in the naafi... Pick your words carefully B_C)

    "Polishes" my "place of pooing" with your "Tongue"... Twice. I'll consider doing it and even let you have my number.

    Deal or no deal?
  12. You're beginning to sound like 'toucan' who wanted to know if he would meet gays if he joined the army. Are you sure these pics are not for your personal gratification.
  13. because if they are Rockpile is willing to take over my duties on for the task as long as he recieves the same reward I asked for.
  14. I can quite assure you,if they got my pic, personal gratification would be quite low on their priorities, well anyway thats what my missus just said.