Half Marathon

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cardiffstudent, May 21, 2008.

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  1. I'm planning on doing a half marathon in October and want to actually get a decent time on it.
    Apart from run, run and run more are there any good training schedules out there?

  2. Look here
    I did one at the weekend in 1:31:42 so am thinking about doing some more later this year.
  3. Why half??? What are you gonna do go half way of a full one and stop to trip everyone up =D
  4. Aim for a realistic time, if you are unfit just aim at getting round.
  5. I think half marathons are alot more sensible than full ones. Obviously theyre alot better for you, theres no wall to hit, easier on the joints etc.

    Then again it could just be cause Im a nancy boy who couldnt finish a full one ;)
  6. Cheers supermark, that wesite is good, looking to get round around 1.30 also.
    Thanks for the concern 5.56, but i'll manage. ;)
  7. Don't patronise me please, you tax dodging student mong tard.
  8. I do pay taxes.
    Or what big man? You going to abuse me over the internet and make me cry? :p
  9. No, thats a stupid idea.