Half Marathon

I am after some decent advice. I have entered myself into the Silverstone Half Marathon in March next year and after some training advice.
I have always had a penchant for pies etc but not excessively. Over the past 3 months I have started running (started doing 3 miles and have now increased to 5 miles comfortably every other day). I have in the process lost my interest for pies and also some weight. I am eating sensibly and am not boozing. I have completd 2X8 miles runs in the past 8 days and enjoyed both. However is this enough to ensure that I am okay for March? What type of training should incorporate into my "regime" as it is. I would be most grateful for any advice.
nothing better than being on the lash the night before and turning up still p1ssed - works a treat - although the follwing few days will be less than comfortable..

You'll always get differeing advice - my sister is a very good runner (and physio) and trains others yet the opinion from one to another is different - some will say never run the full distance for some time before a marathon (or half), others will say to do it. lets face it 8 miles is not that far off. The more important thing as that you are doing constant stretching exercises even when not training (but not cold as you'll screw yourself!) and make sure you have a major stretch session after as well! Plenty of fluids and carb load a good few days before and keep of the refined sugars right up to the event.

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