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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Anon1, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Usually I run 10km races, but am finally making the leap up in distance to a half-marathon very soon. Naturally I have been training but I was wondering if any arrsers had tips for race day-pacing, breathing, ways to keep motivated, etc, all help and advice appreciated.

    Btw, yup, just hit the pub would be best.
  2. I would strongly recommend Vaseline.....sounds very gay but its great stuff when used in the right places (nipples and groin).

    Be prepared for a mini-wall, you'll have a slow mile and end up thinking what am I doing? but keep going, the last mile will be the best one.
  3. Vaseline, good point.... main thing is just take it easy over the first few miles and dont go off like a headless chicken keeping up with the other runners. Know what your training capabilities are and stick to them. I always went round the course in car/ run stages so you could give markers of each mile because some courses arent marked every mile then you can sort your timings out. Good luck
  4. keep doing your 10k runs but try going out and run for say 1hr 30mins with no pressure on the distance you cover. It's the time that you spend on the run that can be the problem not the distance you cover. It can come down to mental effort rather than physical effort with long distances.

  5. As per normal army standards, I had to do a half marathon last year with no trg as I'd just come off an injury.
    I would definately agree with vaselining your inner thighs (I had to stop and ask a medic for some too ease my chafing).
    I also had a drama with the last mile - I wold advise some kind of energy drink or sweets as I lost all energy at this point and nearly ended up crawling in.
  6. Echoing what is being said, I am currently training for the Great North Run (see sig block) and am basically setting myself times rather than distances. I was told by some guy who has run several marathons that it's the time spent on the tarmac rather than the distance as your body has to get used to using O2 and fuel efficiently and will only do this (apparently) if you are putting in the time and not neccesarily (spelling? had a few beers!!) the actual distance covered.
  7. Top tip after seeing your avatar S-S id slow down a bit for the Great North Run you'll burn yourself out at that pace. :p Good luck are you doing it for charity?
  8. I'm running for deaf kids Iron. It's the National Deaf Children's Society. I was going to run it for a service charity like British Legion or some such but friend of mine has a child who had loads of help from this charity so I thought I should do something. I'm running it again next year but that will be for a service charity.

  9. Loads of sound advice on Runner's World website. I followed their marathon training programme which was excellent. There is probably a thread for your run so you can pick up some tips on what to expect the day itself.

    Proper nutrition, hydrate, decent trainers that you've broken in and think positive. Enjoy the experience and good luck to you!
  10. The race was yesterday and I followed all the tips posted, so just wanted to say a big thanks as I don't actually feel too bad today. Cheers, one and all.
  11. What time did you get? was you the hare or the bloke who goes round in a diving suit :wink:
  12. Let me also advise vaseline.. forget "body glide" as that stuff is only slightly better and over 10 times the price. Also some haribo sweets or "sports beans" or a carb gel will help you get through the last couple of miles. Going out for a half marathon distance on Friday so I will see if I can take my own advice.

  13. I did one last year. I hadn't trained at all until I saw a poster advertising it two weeks before the race. I only managed to get out for two runs before the race due to work, family commitments, and utter laziness.

    This meant that everything after the nine mile mark became progressivly less and less fun.

    Due to the intensive and extensive training I hadn't bothered doing, my time was crap. It was however an experience......

    I will be doing another half-marathon later this year, but have considered training for it this time.

    Best of luck with yours.

  14. One other thing.... do a few runs in the daytime where possible. I have been running on an evening when it is cooler. I went out yesterday for a run at about 3pm and I was nowhere near as fast nor did I complete my usual run.

  15. We ran 14 mile cross country bout a month ago, and i know off a few people whos nipples were in a terrible state, acutally with blood stains coming through there tee shirts,just thinking bout it makes me cringe now!!!! easilly avoided with a few plasters though.
    good luck any way mate,