Half decent suits - affordable (for an avg bloke) price in London?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redshift, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. Hey fellas,

    Now that I am growing up (sort of) and the fact that I just realized (T- 4hrs) the suit I will wear to my interview doesn't really meet the standards of the grown ups, wanted to know if there are any half decent places which I can AFFORD here in London? I am willing to spend 3 to 400 GBP on it (preferably around the GBP200 mark). I know it's not much here in London, but that's a lot where I come back from in the U.S.

    Anyways, any suggestions and tips would be much appreciated.

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  2. Seriously mate, i used to be a manager for a charity... try them first (it aint as bad as it sounds) ive got 8 suits...no shit ones... paul smith, gucci etc etc
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  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Get yourself to Ede & Ravenscroft - they are having their summer sale at the moment.

    A two piece single breasted suit, two button, double vent, charcoal grey herringbone will set you back £305 including shortening the trousers. They also have a number of other styles and cloths in the sale, but that is the most "traditional". If you are way off a standard size, they will be able to alter it to fit better for extra.

    This is a proper business suit in a decent weight cloth and a classic cut. You won't go wrong.
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  4. TK Max do some good end of line stuff.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

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  6. One of the problems I find is that suits are inevitably sold as a matched coat and trousers, and a lot of places won't split them. If like me you're broad across the chest 42/44, you find the matched trousers are usually a 36/38 waist (I'm a 32/34)

    If you need separate fitting coat and trousers in a hurry, head down to M&S as you can pick the items to fit quite easily. Not the best styles or quality, but a wide choice and if you're not going to be wearing it often, or alternatively need a few suits for work but are unlikely to wear them outside work. They can be good value.
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  7. Austin Reed, DAKS etc are all good quality. Just dont get something with a belt!
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  8. Sorry, misread the title and thought it said 'sluts' rather than 'suits'.
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  9. Well good luck if you are shopping in London.jesus,you've got to re-mortgage just to buy a pint!
  10. Hmmmm.....never even considered M&S....such a stupid name though.....
  11. I'll second this advice. It is always worth spending money on a decent suit and getting it tailored, a cheap suit will only look good for a short while before it looks like a cheap suit.

    A decent suit will always look good.
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  12. M&S, used to get my work suits at Oxford St, get two pairs of trousers and a jacket.
  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Interview suit. Buy it on credit card do interview, take it back for refund on credit card.
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  14. Bless your cuban heels.......

    You didn't need them to sew your wings on though, that was a little OTT
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Of course I didn't, that would be ridiculous.

    (I had them sew on the velcro for the blanking panel instead, so I can rip them off if I need to sanitise my kit before I head to the pub)
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