Half Decent Article in The Grauniad - Shock!

The casualty may be in a minefield. It will take at least another hour for the other soldiers and engineers to inch their way toward him. He has self-administered morphine and is conscious.
Well done that lad.


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Deeply moving, and from a valuable perspective.
Good article, well written...
Well written, hopefully will bring a more human perspective to the readers of that article.
Very good article with no sensationalism; just cold hard fact.

It is a shame that there aren't more like this.
The anaesthetist is beginning his work. The soldier keeps shouting "Sir!" as he deliriously looks around "Don't take my legs," he appeals. "Have I got my legs?" He doesn't believe the doctor who reassures him.
Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
Mr_Fingerz said:

It's about the Medics at Bastion and is a good read.
Good article. This struck me as quite profound.

In the media, we hear only about the deaths, with occasional reference to the wounded. I came home assuming the violence I had witnessed in Afghanistan would be the focus of the news. But reality television, local politics and other less dramatic events occupied the headlines. For me, the incongruity between what I had seen and what was presented as the public face of conflict was, and continues to be, profound and irreconcilable.
As somebody once said, "the forces are at war but the country is not".

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