Halal meat - why does it taste better?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by viceroy, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. Right, I have tried all the meat from pretty much everyone that supplies it conveniently within a 20 mile range (excluding farms etc, can't be bothered to go out too far too often and rather like my meat fresh). While at local butchers I get good beef once in a while, the chicken is universally tasteless. I tried them all, free range, not so free range, French, German, Brazilian, waxed, English, Swiss you get the idea.

    The only butcher that is consistent on top-end quality is my rather expensive halal slaughterer Kamal. EVERYTHING tastes good, the burgers, steaks, sausages, veal, mutter, even his bloody poultry is miles ahead of both other butchers and retailers. The only exception to that is the Carrefour Halal chicken which is also always way better than the rest.

    Now before A_K and his cousin hurry along to tell me that only those animals killed in accordance with the Koran are tasty and that we are all Kafirs and will rot in eternal hell, I doubt that very much. I think an animal takes longer to get killed by having its throat cut and I think it suffers unnecessarily vs. the conventional bolt I have seen in action. Not pretty, but it takes a few seconds and that was that. I don't imagine that panic and the associated hormones make the meat taste better or makes it more tender. I rather think that the halal butchers know their suppliers better and chose the animals wiser, but what are your thoughts, experiences? Any butchers with any thoughts?
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it's been approved by a paedophile?
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  3. They have religious standards as to how the animals are kept/raised, I would think. Whyever it is, I share your observation.
  4. Halal = savagery

    It only tastes better because its hung longer, **** all to do with the way Halal slaughter works.
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  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I agree. In addition, industrial slaughterhouses are pretty stressful places before the bolt gets anywhere near the beast.
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  6. Stressed animals give a poor tasting meat. I think it's related to adrenaline production. Monty would probably know for sure.
  7. You think a Halal slaughter house is a less stressful experience for animals? I can assure you it isn't.
    As horrible as your average abbatoir is, the Halal equivlent is worse. I've been in both varieties.
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  8. I wouldn't knowingly buy halal meat. I use a local farmer who has a farm shop or a very old butcher who uses meat from three local farms.
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  9. I've held down a sheep being slaughtered for Eid al Adha, on a farm belonging to a friend. It wasnt greatly distressed, and went very quickly. I've never been in a "halal slaughterhouse", but I have witnessed the respectful and decent way this humble Turkish chap slaughtered that sheep. And the responsible and kindly way he husbanded his flock. Who the **** are you, jagman, Brigitte Bardot?!

    It was certainlty a lot less distressed that the occasional deer I shoot who are (unfortunately) not immediately collapsed by a thoracic hit, whom I then have to find and slit the throat of. And I would defend that practise too. Are you a hippy?
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  10. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Haven't found Halal meat to be any better than any other. A good relationship with any supplier will normally suffice for better quality. My dad and mum were on first name with their butcher and remembered his birthday. I do the same with my local and fare very well indeed on the cuts.

    I would guess that your Halal butcher knows that he is under scrutiny by his community and therefore unwilling to risk providing substandard fare. Reputation is all in many communities.
  11. I'll second that. I'm from a family of butchers and slaughtermen. Halal and Kosher should all be banned. Full Stop. It's ******* cruel. I won't eat Halal nor Kosher. Anyone who thinks that's it's slaughtered differently is deluded. For the most part it's simply an imam that says a prayer before some some cruel twat sticks the animal whilst it's fully conscious. It's wrong, simply wrong. If you, or anyone else for that matter wants to eat cruelly slaughtered meat then **** off to that those backward parts of the world not here! Major parts of the continent are banning it on grounds of cruelty and it's time we did here. If I was from some religion that strangled cats on Thursdays I wouldn't be allowed to do it. Neither should this hangover from the middle ******* ages either! It's only just above stoning in my opinion and those that practice it should be locked up. Just my ha'pennys worth. Sorry for the rant, but to quote Lenny Godber, it gets right up my goat!

    If you want better tasting meat, speak to your butcher and tell him. He'll find matured beef or lamb for you, the longer it's hung the better, it's just this modern thing of having your meat bright pink that ruins the flavour. My old chap would never have eaten beef till it was at least 3 weeks in the cold room, the blacker the better.
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  12. What would happen if you decided to put your dog or cat down using the same methods?
  13. The topic title sounds like those ***** who think fairtrade bananas taste better.
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  14. I slaughter all my own meat and do so using a method called the 'free bullet' or 'field slaughter'. This involves not feeding the condemned the night before, coming up in the morning with food and as it gets its nose into the grub putting a bullet into its brain. As soon as its down its bled using the knife. Its then shifted into the shed using a tractor. Quick, painless and no stress whatsoever for the victim.

    Meat is left to hang, even pork. Beef hangs for at least a month, preferably longer but always with the head on. That is what makes meat taste good, oh, and ensuring it is fed properly for the last six weeks of its life. Simples.
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  15. There there, it isn't the NAAFI you know, stay away from the glue. Had you bothered to read my post, you would have seen that I did not offer an opinion on halal/kosher butchering vs. conventional so much, but asked a question; if anything I was in your camp, doubting that halal was leading to a better result. Frankly though I don't care, I want meat that tastes good and killing animals is part and parcel of that, I accept that. As far your political opinions are concerned, safe them for another thread this the the cookery forum.