Hakim Rifle

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by cernunnos, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. I've been offered an Egyptian Hakim self loading rifle in 8 x 57mm IS. The rifle is a license made version of the Swedish AG-42 Ljungman but done in the heavier German infantry calibre.

    It seems to be in good condition and cheap as chips, although quite heavy, I was thinking of trying it out for driven game in the autumn.

    Has anyone had any experience with the type......?.......reliability?.....scope mounting?

    I'd apreciate any input!

  2. I have used the AG-42 in 6.5x55 and even that's heavy..

    An interesting rifle, if not a bit agricultural, and a bit of a giggle to watch someone try to cock it for the first time and.. (I won't spoil it for others...) I would think the weight would be an advantage in 8x57.. but for game shooting..? I would have thought an AKM would be more socially acceptable, or perhaps even a MK19 GMG?

    Oh and don't get it if you want to reload.. it throws cases to the four winds...

    Edited to add...

    By all means attach a scope to the top of the action...
    Just make sure you have at least 11" eye relief! (or let someone else fire it...)

    Endless oppertunites for jolly japes with this one...!
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  3. The AKM and AK-74 are viewed with suspicion by German traditionalists who are only now getting used to self loading rifles being used. Snide comments about "Vollernteautomaten" (Full harvesting machines) are still heard. Also the Russky 7.62 x 39 and 5.45 x 39 ammo both don't have enough poke, they are only legal for vermin and Roe deer here. That's why I bought the sniper version, the Dragunov which is availlable here in 7.62 x 54 Russky (very good indeed) and .308 Win.

    The MK 19 GMG does nothing for the meat, chewing grenade splinters can put people off game altogether.

    What its all about, I buy an old rifle, tidy it up, fit a small glass or collimator for driven shoots, demonstrate it sucessfully at drives to hapless Germans and then wait for the fish to bite.

    I've just sold a Tokarev SVT40, which had the same tipping bolt system, for three times what I invested in it.

    The one on offer is better than the stock picture, the woodwork is much smarter.

    The Hakim seems slow to reload, designed for stripper clips, the box magazine is a twat to change, or I'm doing something wrong. That's an important consideration when you only have one up the spout and two in the mag (German law for self loaders). The calibre will attract Germans, it's still the dogs items amongst medium calibres and most hunters have at least one gun which chambers it.
  4. The magazine's only meant to come out for cleaning...

    And watch out for the gas blast in your face - glasses recommended.
  5. it kicks like a piised off mule on steroids mate
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  6. Youtube review in the excellent Forgotten Weapons series here, for those interested in obsolete, Egyptian copies of obscure Swedish rifles.

    Egyptian Rifle Overview: Hakim, Rasheed, AKM - YouTube
  7. I would have thought a reflex sight mounted on the existing rearsight base might be the best option. You could still use stripper clips then.
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  8. Ta very much. The way he demonstrates the mechanism makes it seem overcomplicated.

    I didn't notice too much of a kick, but then I shoot .375 H&H routinely,perhaps that's why. The Ljungman was noted for it's quiet action after the shot, due to not having a piston there's less mass moving about, Armalite got the idea from them.

    I'm not going to buy it, although it hasn't fired much going from the gauges, but the scope mount is a real headache.

    I'll stick with the russky stuff, another Tokarev or Dragunov.
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  9. I don't reload, 80% of accidents involving ammo, involve reloads. We've already had that tradgedy in my family! As for the eye relief, I didn't find the rifle kicked much at all. Recoil I found was similar to "That rifle" with less tendency to climb. 8 x 57IS is a fairly pleasant medium calibre to shoot and in this case it's a heavyish rifle, just over 9 pounds.

    The scope mount presents real difficulties, I was thinking of cutting away a bit of furniture and attaching a side rail or dowels, as per the No IV Mk1t, or (and much cheaper to aquire mounts) the SKS, but you need to keep the top slide free with plenty of room for your hand when cocking/stripping the weapon. I think thats why the Rashid, influenced by the SKS, has a bolt.

    A rear mount as per the Tokarev SVT40 is ruled out, that safety/spring latch/cover release affair is in the way and is itself not secure enough to use.

    A bridge mounted rail, piccatinny or similar, between the rear tangent sight and the stripper clip guide would work, but it would get the full benefit of ejected brass and gases.

    A solution further forward is of no interest, I'm no fan of forward mounted glasses/collimators and mounting a barrel ring on a ported military barrel with gas cylinder and full furniture is a real ball ache.

    That stripper guide/sling mount is an eyesore and destroys the lines of the rifle, it also gets in the way of the rear sight, but it could be used to mount a small collimator aka Docter. I have mausr stripper clips but they are of little use for a rifle only allowed to hold two rounds in the magazine here. (German law for self loaders) The rifle would be hand loaded with loose rounds, which presents a further problem, chambering the third round, whilst keeping two rounds depressed in the magazine, in a finger hungry system.
  10. To be honest, sporterising a Hakkim is surely a bit on the turd polishing side..?

    I think it is an interesting rifle and worth keeping from a historical perspective.. but it is what it is; an early military self loader for putting holes in Israelies and other infidels..!
  11. That'd probably give it certain appeal to Cernunnos's prospective purchasers.
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  12. I take it that Cernunnos doesn't live in the UK?
  13. You'll never take me alive copper!
  14. Only if you insist....

    My only query was the (delightful) idea of buying a full-bore semi-auto, I'm sure you know that the Sheriff of Nottingham will hang you by the ears for that crime.