HAIX non-military footwear - has anyone used it?


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Some of the walking footwear on the click-through ad looks fairly good and comparatively priced.

Has anyone tried HAIX's civilian stuff? Any good?
Some of the walking footwear on the click-through ad looks fairly good and comparatively priced.

Has anyone tried HAIX's civilian stuff? Any good?
I have a pair of Haix Nebraska and they are the most comfortable boots I have ever had whatever the weather, I even wear them outside of work (arable and beef farming) for bimbling about. It is therefore unfortunate that the mid-sole has perished after less than two years, enen if they do get worn every day.
I also have a pair of Haix Forest Protector chainsaw boots and love them.
Haix Climber safety boots.
Very tough boot, slight problem where the rubber meets the leather but only cosmetic.
Seriously tough boot, not as warm as claimed but that may be my circulation rather than crap boots.

Generally happy with them and I've been wearing them a couple of years.


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Yes very good.

I visited the factory in Germany a few years back.

Impressed with the whole set up and company ethos.

I like them a lot.


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I’ve had a few pairs of chainsaw boots and they were fine but Meindl woodwalkers are better imo.

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My work boots are HAIX (steelies). First pair lasted 5yrs of solid graft and I’m on my second pair now. Totally bombproof and pretty comfy. My only complaint was the weight, the first pair were very heavy. I’m not sure that’ll translate well into walking boots but I’ve not heard a single complaint about any of their boots. And lots of positives.


Have used Haix boots for a while - put on to them by a para mate of mine who uses them - Haix mid-height S3s for work (https://www.haix.co.uk/haix-black-eagle-safety-50-mid)- comfy although a little on the heavy side for non-metal toecaps. Slight issue with the stitching at a crease point after around 3 years, but had another 3 years wear out of them before the sole was worn down - had some hard use but held up well - oil, blood, hills and dales, MX tracks and farms, ridden and driven over, scuffed on rocks etc at around 12-14 hours at a time. Replaced with another pair but higher leg - can't fault these after around 18 months of use.

Jan last year I won the Haix Xmas raffle - got a pair of these (HAIX UK, Official Onlineshop) gratis - good fit, comfy, but sole quite stiff and not much cushioning so had to change the footbed out for some softer, wimpier ones. Decent grip, waterproof, no damage despite my clumsy efforts up hill and down dale - again, as with the boots, a little heavier than expected - I'd get them again if they prove to be as rugged as the boots I have.
They ain't cheap, but I think you get what you pay for.
I have a pair of black HAIX Black Eagle GTX highs for work. I average around 20km a day at work which is mix of walking, standing around and running to alarms. They are like wearing a pair of running trainers. I can’t vouch for cross country grip but on hard ground and in the wet they haven't let me down. They seem to ventilate pretty well as in the summer they are not very hot and unlike a lot of my colleagues the leather on the toecaps of mine aren't damaged from restraints but I can't attribute that to the quality of the leather as it may be because I actually polish my boots daily.

Overall a lightweight, very comfortable and durable pair of boots for a reasonable price. I actually decided to stump with them due to a review on here and can't really fault them,

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