Haix High Liability boots Standard or Desert for HIKING?


I have a very specific question. Which boot would you choose between the Haix High Liability boots (standard with Gore-Tex lining) vs the desert variety (suede, no Gore-Tex) for general purpose hiking, all seasons?



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I've got the high liability which I've used this year in the hills. Thoughts:

Good winter boot, passable in summer
Decent leather
Buy off eBay 2 weeks before pay day for a brand new pair for sub £50
I have used the desert ones in the hills quite a bit and find them decent enough, if a bit heavier than a proper mountain boot. They dry quickly if they get wet and the sole is good enough for hill walking and easy scrambling. However, the fibre insoles will not last long if they are repeatedly used in the wet. I have even done a bit of via feratta in them and did not die.


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I've not used these boots, but I steer away from gortex boots as they retain water as well as repel it.

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