Mr_Deputy said:
It all ties together seamlessly and without even a hint of racism if you try hard enough.
Oh I've nothing against a bit of racism. I was just struggling the make the connection.

(Did my own 15 seconds of research to check there wasn't a city called Toga in Haiti)
britbeagle said:
britbeagle said:
Sorry but the place is a s hit hole, the earthquake has done the survivors a favour, it was falling to pieces but now they will have someone else to foot the bill for rebuilding, Brown already has his "concerned lets give away more money" look in his good eye, anyone got a sharp stick?????
Yup, its started already


""We hear on the radio that rescue teams are coming from the outside, but nothing is coming," said one man, Jean-Baptiste Lafontin Wilfried.

"We need food. We need pure water. The people are suffering. My neighbours and friends are suffering," Port-au-Prince resident Sylvain Angerlotte, 22, told the Associated Press news agency.

David Wimhurst, a spokesman for the Brazilian-led UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti, said: "Unfortunately, they're slowly getting more angry and impatient."

"Our biggest problem is insecurity," Delfin Antonio Rodriguez, the rescue commander from the neighbouring Dominican Republic, told AFP news agency on Friday.

"Yesterday they tried to hijack some of our trucks. Today we were barely able to work in some places because of that."


Speaking in Washington on Thursday, President Obama said some US rescuers were already on the ground in Haiti and more were on their way.

He promised the country "every element of our national capacity, our diplomacy, and development assistance".

Mr Obama also pledged an immediate $100m for Haiti's relief effort and said that investment would grow over the coming year to aid long-term recovery.

On Friday, the UN said a total of about $270m (£165m) in international aid had been pledged so far.

France, which has historic links with Haiti and some 1,400 nationals living there, is sending two planes with rescuers and humanitarian aid, one from the Caribbean island of Martinique and a second one with aid experts from Marseille. It also plans to evacuate about 60 injured people.

French civil safety authorities said a total of 130 rescuers, doctors and nurses as well as trained rescue dogs were due to arrive in Haiti, with 12 tonnes of aid and rescue material.

Peter Stevenson is Operations Commander for the UK's International Search and Rescue Team

The UK government said it was "deeply concerned" by the earthquake and has a team flying out to Haiti. A 71-strong team of British firefighters is due in Haiti to help rescue efforts.

Spain has pledged $4.3m (3m euros) and says it has 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid ready for delivery. The country has offered the EU the use of its humanitarian base in Panama to ferry in help.

Germany has released $2.18n (1.5m euros) in aid and has sent an immediate response team.

The Netherlands has donated $2.9m (2m euros) and Belgium, Sweden and Luxembourg are offering water purification equipment, tents, medical help and search-and-rescue experts.

Italy has prepared a military transport plane which will be used to take in a field hospital and emergency medical team.

The European Union says it has activated all "crisis and aid management mechanisms" and the European Commission has released $4.3m (3m euros) in emergency assistance, the maximum for an emergency procedure.

The President of the EU, Herman van Rompuy, said "the EU stands ready to offer its assistance in any possible way".

Israel is sending an army rescue unit, including engineers, doctors and other medical staff.

China is to donate $1m, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Venezuela said it was sending a military plane with food, medicine and drinking water, as well as a team of 50 rescue workers.

Cuba, which also felt the quake, has sent 30 doctors.

Cuban field hospitals in Port-au-Prince were already treating hundreds of injured, according to Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

Canada has said it is sending a 20-person reconnaissance team to assess aid needs.

Mexico, which has long experience of dealing with devastating earthquakes, is sending a team of doctors and search and rescue workers and infrastructure damage experts.

Dig them out, give them a shovel, show them how to use it, leave location
Goerge W, couldnt be arssed about new orleans, coupla hundred thousand of them folks still homeless !!!! dont remember all those foreigners coming to hull-grimsby-cockermouth to help!! it now turns out we have a haitian " community" in britain ..what the fckk is occurring ??
What with the rioting, looting and roadblocks of corpses, and the influx of lefty do-gooders, who wants to take bets on when the first pretty little WHite aidworker gets gangraped, or elderly Christian missionary quack gets kidnapped? :( Typical behaviour for this third world toilet.....
CaveTroll said:
It is in the best interests of mankind that earthqaukes, tidles waves and other natural disasters occur as brown and black people need to be culled, they breed and breed and breed and annual culls are needed to reduce and thin their numbers.

I would even go as far as to introduce "hunting holidays" for rich europeans, we could do this one summer a year and provide shotguns to white tourists, and get them to shoot the black/brown locals.

All in the interests of mankind of course.
Goodbye kunt
Surprised to find SKY as I type showing on MILITARY 531 the real truth behind Hiati in the last decade. Don't wish it upon anybody but if I had to pick,FUCK EM!
Aristid,32 coup de ta! in the last 100 yrs. 2,000 unsolved murders a year.37 UN murdered. I am no believer but if there is a big yin.......Good choice! PARADISE LOST.
I imagine it's probably the Big Guy in the Sky carrying out some nemesis work. I hear He don't like that voodoo shit. Also, seems he doesn't like n!ggers much, overall. Too bad, so sad.
Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen has said she's 'not so much thinking about' the disaster-stricken country of Haiti.

The 16-year-old was recently promoting her new fragrance, Love Rocks, at a Victoria's Secret store in New York.

While promoting the fragrance, she was asked if she would be following the likes of Wyclef Jean and Brangelina, who have donated money to the country followings its recent earthquake.

She said: "Um, right now I'm trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that."

Momsen added: "But it's awesome that everyone is, ya know, working towards a good cause."

Says it all, really..

Canada has sent two naval ships, a DART unit and 1000 troops to help out and committed $ 100 mil in aid..second largest military response after Afghanistan...[ don't know if they have orders to shoot on sight....sorry, low blow.. coat please ]
auscam said:
Gren said:
How many are we taking in as, viable refugees?
Just the vegetarian ones :wink:
Let that stupid cnut Madonna adopt a couple of thousand.
Just where is the one eyed wonder getting the cash from to send out over there?

Natural selection I think it's called.

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