Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Do you think it is too early to discuss the situation in Haiti?

    or should we wait until the Dust settles
  2. I know how the Haitians feel. Last time I had 30 aftershocks I couldn't find my house either!!
  3. Looks like their having a good crack over there. Maybe its not the best time to open up
  4. Either way, it's dusty in here. My heart bleeds. :cry:
  5. AA Gill was in Haiti a while ago. What a f*cking shi*hole


    This is probably the most depressing bit of the report.

    "We drive into Port-au-Prince on the busy main road behind the little "tap-tap", the brightly painted pick-up truck that serves as public transport. They all have religious exclamations painted on them; this one promises that Jesus is the saviour. A couple of youths are mucking around on the back step, and then they jump off to fight in the road; that rutting grappling that young men casually commit in streets everywhere. We stop, and as if by sleight of hand, now they are fighting over a pistol, holding it high in the air, grabbing each other's wrists. They struggle for the gun, and then one boy seems just to lose interest; he lets go and turns to amble away. There is a pop, pop, pop; guns make such a tinny, silly little noise. The one lad who was firing wildly, I think he's missed, but the other boy, now the victim, stumbles and turns with his hands out, in an imploring but unsurprised, almost bored gesture, and I can see the huge exit wound spreading over his yellow T-shirt. He slumps onto the verge, down on his back. The boy with the gun rifles his pockets. Another lad jogs up; together, with an aggressive, cocky, adrenal strut, they walk into the middle of the road and just stand there, holding their guns, staring into our car.

    Louis is shouting: "See, see, see what it's like here! See, see, how we have to live!" He's livid with fear. The shot boy raises his head from the gutter. His murderer notices the sign of life and trots back: pop pop, pop pop — point-blank, he fires into the yellow shirt. He skips back to his mate, and they amble down the centre of the road.

    "For God's sake, let's go!" I shout from the footwell. But Louis is immobile, knuckles white on the wheel. "We must go," he repeats, but doesn't move. I shake his shoulder. The car stutters and almost stalls. Back in the hotel, clutching a beer bottle, he re-creates the scene, dancing back and forth down the bar, playing the roles. The guns grow: there are two, three, maybe four, more guns in belts, more shots, more boys, more blood, more murder.

    That night, I can't sleep. I'm childlike scared in the dark. The killing's the secret I can't talk about for fear of tears. It plays over and over in the corners of the room, flickering under the door. Why didn't the dead boy fight harder for his life? How could it all be so banal and awkward, and clumsy? Who'd choose to die in a yellow nylon hockey shirt? Why do I feel this fragile? It was such an amateurly improvised drama. Such brutal bad luck? "What you see, it's not what you think.""
  6. Say what you like at the minute, they wont be able to read it all the powers down.

    Have Bono and the rest of the drooling 'tards started recording songs yet?
    They could remake that old Starship classic "We built this city........in the wrong f*ckin place"
  7. Don't think you need to edit the song title, on rock and roll isn't that far from the descriptive truth.....
  8. Sorry but the place is a s hit hole, the earthquake has done the survivors a favour, it was falling to pieces but now they will have someone else to foot the bill for rebuilding, Brown already has his "concerned lets give away more money" look in his good eye, anyone got a sharp stick?????
  9. I suppose it could be changed to 'We rebuilt this city' 'Cause they wont f*ckin learn.
    I'm struggling to fit the words 'Tectonic plate' and 'Richter scale' into the new version but apart from that it's going quite well, just need to find Geldofs number and we're on a winner.
  10. Will the yanks go in and take over from NATO troops and declare mil;itary law, because I can see lots of trouble if no one takes charge of the situ. Any idea's.

  11. What's 3 foot deep and has thousands of arms and legs?

  12. Yup, its started already


    ""We hear on the radio that rescue teams are coming from the outside, but nothing is coming," said one man, Jean-Baptiste Lafontin Wilfried.

    "We need food. We need pure water. The people are suffering. My neighbours and friends are suffering," Port-au-Prince resident Sylvain Angerlotte, 22, told the Associated Press news agency.

    David Wimhurst, a spokesman for the Brazilian-led UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti, said: "Unfortunately, they're slowly getting more angry and impatient."

    "Our biggest problem is insecurity," Delfin Antonio Rodriguez, the rescue commander from the neighbouring Dominican Republic, told AFP news agency on Friday.

    "Yesterday they tried to hijack some of our trucks. Today we were barely able to work in some places because of that."


    Speaking in Washington on Thursday, President Obama said some US rescuers were already on the ground in Haiti and more were on their way.

    He promised the country "every element of our national capacity, our diplomacy, and development assistance".

    Mr Obama also pledged an immediate $100m for Haiti's relief effort and said that investment would grow over the coming year to aid long-term recovery.

    On Friday, the UN said a total of about $270m (£165m) in international aid had been pledged so far.

    France, which has historic links with Haiti and some 1,400 nationals living there, is sending two planes with rescuers and humanitarian aid, one from the Caribbean island of Martinique and a second one with aid experts from Marseille. It also plans to evacuate about 60 injured people.

    French civil safety authorities said a total of 130 rescuers, doctors and nurses as well as trained rescue dogs were due to arrive in Haiti, with 12 tonnes of aid and rescue material.

    Peter Stevenson is Operations Commander for the UK's International Search and Rescue Team

    The UK government said it was "deeply concerned" by the earthquake and has a team flying out to Haiti. A 71-strong team of British firefighters is due in Haiti to help rescue efforts.

    Spain has pledged $4.3m (3m euros) and says it has 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid ready for delivery. The country has offered the EU the use of its humanitarian base in Panama to ferry in help.

    Germany has released $2.18n (1.5m euros) in aid and has sent an immediate response team.

    The Netherlands has donated $2.9m (2m euros) and Belgium, Sweden and Luxembourg are offering water purification equipment, tents, medical help and search-and-rescue experts.

    Italy has prepared a military transport plane which will be used to take in a field hospital and emergency medical team.

    The European Union says it has activated all "crisis and aid management mechanisms" and the European Commission has released $4.3m (3m euros) in emergency assistance, the maximum for an emergency procedure.

    The President of the EU, Herman van Rompuy, said "the EU stands ready to offer its assistance in any possible way".

    Israel is sending an army rescue unit, including engineers, doctors and other medical staff.

    China is to donate $1m, according to Xinhua News Agency.

    Venezuela said it was sending a military plane with food, medicine and drinking water, as well as a team of 50 rescue workers.

    Cuba, which also felt the quake, has sent 30 doctors.

    Cuban field hospitals in Port-au-Prince were already treating hundreds of injured, according to Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

    Canada has said it is sending a 20-person reconnaissance team to assess aid needs.

    Mexico, which has long experience of dealing with devastating earthquakes, is sending a team of doctors and search and rescue workers and infrastructure damage experts.

    Dig them out, give them a shovel, show them how to use it, leave location
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Wht they need is, obviously, a band-aid type charideee record. My first thoughts:

    Rockin' all over the World
    Boom boom boom (shake the Room)
    Good Rockin' tonight
    Whole lotta shaking going on

    Any other suggestions?

  14. WE built this city,
    We built this city in the wrong place x2

    Say you don't know me, or recognize my face
    Say you don't care that we built on a tectonic plate
    Knee deep in the hoopla, sinking in your fight
    knowing for sure, the Richter scale was right

    Marconi plays the Mamba,
    Listen to the radio
    Don't you remember?
    We built this city
    We built this city in the wrong place!
    We built this city, we built this city in the wrong place
    Built this city, we built this city in the wrong place

    Just a start point for you...
  15. I just read a news headline "Haiti toll rises to 100,000".

    And I thought the Dartford Toll was expensive.