Haiti rebels aim for the capital


An armed group has attacked a police station on the outskirts of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, according to local media reports.
The news comes as US officials revealed 50 marines are being sent to Haiti to protect the American embassy.

Haitian rebels trying to oust President Jean-Bertrand Aristide have said they intended to march on the capital and take control.

They have already overrun the country's second city, Cap-Haitien.

Meanwhile, the political opposition has rejected an international peace plan aimed at ending the crisis, the French news agency AFP reports.
Stand by , stand by :?
Too late...another easy Victory in the air...one sniff of that and the SPAMs have got involved? they came charging out of that plane looking double hard and ready to answer any interviews with controlled sound bites of between 3-5 words. 8O


i dont even know exactly what was going on or how it went wrong :? i thought it ws sorted the last time round when the voodoo government was booted out
just ended up with another corrupt one replacing it.
What Jabs do we need for Hati? cause the yanks will obviously want moral support.
well need something to get rid of those horrible machete sores that are quite common over there.
I dunno. Looks like the biggest cake-and-arse in the western hemisphere, but I'd suspect one froggy battalion would send them shitting selves. Or perhaps another fifty marines..

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