Haiti Earthquake - Will we follow our Yank friends?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by StabOfFire, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. BBC News

    The Americans are sending troops over to Haiti, will we have a cotingent too?
  2. I'm sure Browns spin doctors are weighing up the votes/cost benefit as we speak.
  3. What troops?

    Maybe a cheap holiday for the ACF? :roll:

    You can bet anything that Cyclops will be writing a check for a few hundred million as soon as the BBC have a free TV studio though...
  4. Short answer - almost certainly not

    Longer answer - where do you expect us to find the troops, airlift, resources, ships and so on from to do this?
    More to the point, could you please show me where the "Earthquake Recovery Unit" is based on our ORBAT?
  5. Didn`t know Haiti had any oil ?
  6. Haiti shouldn't pose the big problem it initially seems to.

    The place looked like it had been hit by a massive earthquake anyway, and seeing as Voodo is the most popular "religion" in the country, a few hundred gallons of chicken blood, some jangly bells and a few dozen wild eyed stampy footed "High priests" should see all those corpses littering the streets back up as zombies and on their feet in no time

    Job Jobbed.
  7. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    What is APT(N) and why is it often tasked with disaster relief?

    A frigate and an RFA with its attendant stores and helicopter thingy might be useful

    There are already thousands of brits over the border in the Dominican Republic, perhaps they could interrupt their hols and pop over for a spot of grief whoring
  8. Why not use the TA? Maybe not, probably wont have enough days left....
  9. The only reason I asked is, I remember that we got involved with the Tsunami
  10. Not just troops but an aircraft carrier...

    Interesting one for the anti-CVF lot to consider.
  11. could be for the brown vote... election is coming up
  12. Somewhere in the Fire Service / Mountain Rescue Service - although I could be mistaken on this one.