Hairy women

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OldRedCap, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. I feel ill
  2. Thats not a bird, thats Russell Brand.
    On second thoughts, he does look a bird though, the Amy Winehouse barnet wannabe cnut!
  3. Excellent! I had an Italian bird once who was so hairy her minge plantation reached right up to her nipples. It was like shagging a horse hair mattress.

    And although generally not over endowed with body hair to extent of the bird in the pic, most Vietnamese birds like to keep a little Ho Chi Minge in their panties. Bless em!
  4. A few weeks ago I was paid 1 pint to pull a woman who had a porn star style tache...i could feel it bristle against my lips as i gingerly tongued her. :x
  5. She told me your breath stank and you need to dig under your fingernails ! :D

    Hirsute ladies are ace, I know its more on the top of her head but I had a knock back from this beeeaaauuuttyy in the Tanners in Newcastle a couple of months ago, very amusing p*sstake till she 'tapped' me on the knee with the cue tip !
  6. what the fuck is that?

    her arms are too long, her knuckles must drag on the floor
    hang on, is she a shaved orang utan?
    you dirty, dirty bastard(for even looking at it!)
  7. She was hilarious !

    One of the boys shouted "f*ck me it's Ma Munster!!" which went down well.

    She kept getting lairy when anyone double taked her, I went and got her a bottle of Corrona and asked if she could get me some smack ! Demented loon then called me a 'caaaaahnt' in a wierd accent !
    Lovely arrse though ! Like two snooker balls in a babys sock !
  8. You Sir, are a very lucky lucky man indeed! :D
  9. You gingerly tongued her? How does one gingerly tongue a hairy woman?

    Be honest mate, you pulled her, got you pint but went back for the gingerly snog as a personal trophy right?
  10. The missus found a picture of her on my phone and said (in jest!) 1, tell me you didnt ! and 2, did she sing as good ?
  11. Well to be honest it was like putting your tongue on a 9v know its wrong but you wanna have another go!!