Hairy Potter.

While -um -'examining' the series of photos of her exiting the party and getting into the- er- spotlight I noticed her feet..

they seem to have some serious scabbing and whatnot.. she might have some fungal infection which could have spread upwards or dripped downwards-like...

not becoming a fresh 18 year old looking to to - move up the ladder of success, say what?... Thought she had more class and wasn't into the Lindsay/Britney school of starlet behaviour...obviously money doesn't buy social graces...
El_Burno said:
Legallybald said:
El_Burno said:
Hairy Potter

Hairmione Granger.

Emma Watson, the actress who plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter has shown the world she has finally come of age whilst celebrating her 18th birthday recently.

Cue jokes about wizard's sleeves....
Second link, second pic down... has she split some milk on her right thigh?!
I reckon it's Harry's man fat.
Nah, he's a puff

well he was last night

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