Hairy 'pits?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, May 4, 2012.

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  1. My mate and I always say - "Shave one, leave one and get the best of both worlds"!
  2. That is minging. As it is nearly scran time can you imagine what her furry knickers must be like?
  3. I bet she has an aresehole like Chewbacca trying to blow smoke rings.
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  4. A sight that was common on the continent up until the 90's. 'Twas a major culture shock for most of us Canucks when we were posted to Europe.
  5. Nonsense. You were well fed with squaw. More hair than a bear trappers hat them.
  6. I bet her fanny is like a fucking dead Badger with the guts hanging out.
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  7. The producer asked her to show her bikini line but she refused. Good job really as it would probably look like road-kill stuffed down her pants.
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  8. What like all the other females on this site?
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  9. I swear I was on a dive boat once with a bunch of Germans, and one had her pits in french plaits.....
  10. More than likely.
  11. I find hairy pits tremendously erotic and even sexually arousing and there is nothing better than a growler that is more of a hairy snarler, but then I,m a pervy twat.
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  12. This hairy do it?

  13. Those who want it more hairy... Just get a non metrosexual man.

    Doing it with a finger or two,eyes scrunched a bit near the screen, trying to make sure I don't make a mess or mistake in the process.