Hairy Holes in the head

CharlieBubbles said:
Why do many men when they reach a certian age, get hairy noses and ears on the inside, what is the body telling us?
It's tell us that we are getting old.


What I want to know is; why does nasal hair have the tensile strength of Don 10, and seem to spring up overnight?
Stokey said:
Personally, I'm delighted that my hairline now makes me look like Eddie Munster, and my nasal hair could stuff mattresses. Add in the weird random hairs, like the 6 inch pube and the one on my forehead, and I'm really happy about the aging process.
That's your penis. :p
That awful moment when the barber runs the shaver over your ears.And you can see the smirk on his face.Does wonders ror your ego don't it :(

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