Hairy Experience

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3 x thunder flashes taped together then thrown under the Brigade Commanders L/rover  - now that is funny...
A radio exercise in moving vehicles some time ago......

Moving around winding country lanes, sat in the back of the FC while we moved at speed trying to communicate with the other FC.

Looked at the map and the route, and thought....

"We're doing 40 miles per hour, and the other lanny left at this time following this  route........ this is mostly single track stuff...errrrrrrrr Driver, slow down there's every danger of a coll.....WHANGKEEEEEEEERUNCHHHH"

I saw the funny side after my x-ray. :mad:
So whats new - my memory seems to be of a fatality most years - grenades, drownings, rta whatever. If you cant take a joke dont join.
Hairy experience?  Met this 'furry' TA chick from the Midlands once................she had legs that Moses wouldn't part!  ;D


I think the standard of the 'chick' that you pull reflects on your looks.

Moose men pull moose women.

And I don't include myself in that, I only pull male models 8)


sorry - I'm not furry.
You don't know me because, as I say, I only pull male models and you aint one of them Ma.
You must have been wearing your Afghan coat inside out then.  Besides, I thought you only 'pulled pints' at the Drill Hall bar.....


yeah - I'm in the TA and the only thing I do is pull pints.

Proof that you don't know me, because I don't pull pints!!
"Excuse me love, any chance of a bit of service?..........I've spitting feathers over here!"
Deep down I think you two are really fond of each other.

Bit like the Dempsey & makepeace of Arseland
Do you think they've actually been bonking , and this is all just a smokescreen  :eek: :eek: :eek:

Bloody hell.........
Sorry my dear, but I couldn't (or should I say wouldn't) entertain a lady whose fur coat does not come off without the aid of a razor....and as for your little Scottish 'bag lady' freind (Leanne), well.....let's leave her pondering where her next bottle of 'ThunderBird' will be coming from eh?.......
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