Hairy Bottom

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jerrycan2793, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. I am afflicted with a hairy arrse, how can I rectify this myself? Waxing seems unlikely, shaving would be hard and veet for men says not to use it near your arse, ideas?
  2. move to germany and call yourself gertrud
  3. Sadly relocation not possible, I want it to be as smooth as a babys bottom
  4. Yet another admin problem? How do you survive?
  5. I survive by the good grace of those on arrse providing top notch advice, I assume some of the old and bold have dealt with this previously :p I'm one of those hairy types from a lower stage of evolution
  6. Best input so far, I was thinking something less likely to burn me though
  7. ..........[​IMG].......
  8. Possibly overkill, I want to keep my eyebrows

  9. Why am I an affliction? I thought we had agreed never to mention 'that' night ever again.

    Apple schnapps and **** intruders make a memorable night, albeit for very wrong reasons. For the Doubting Thomas's out there, he started it.:biggrin:
  10. ..........And don't forget to attempt to extinguish the flames using Asbach brandy. Always entertaining.
  11. Buy bikini line veet just don't tell anyone what it's for as you don't have to, stop making a song and dance over it
  12. why? wtf is that gonna do?

    ah you think its gonna burst into flames, you obviously know the square root of **** all then...dull ****, in fact why don't you bury your head in a bucketfull of Asbach for say 6 mins and do as all a favour you boring cock
  13. What are you trying to say?
  14. I didnt realise there was a Bikini line veet, I didnt think to look at the ladies products, Thanks problem solved.