Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. just reading through my joining instructions

    it says "the closest permissable haircut is a no3 (skinheads are not permittable)"

    does that mean you couldnt have a grade 0/1 just on the back and sides?

    i usually get a 4 on top 0 back + sides

    or arent they really that fussed about it?

  2. 1 more thing aswell

    my joining instructions says to report to 2nd battalion kings coy

    but i've been lookin on the army website, and the regiment i'm joining is in the POW division (cheshires) which is the 1st battalion :?
  3. Shave your head, and turn up at the wrong battalion.

    Nothing like making a good first impression!
  4. hahaha

    seriously though.. any serious answers please?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Seriously? Do as the bit of paper says. No less than a grade 3, and turn up at the address they have given. It is probably a training company, and not your final Bn of choice.
  6. yeah i know about the grade 3 thing but wasn't sure if it was grade 3 all over or they allowed it a bit shorter blended in on back + sides.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Do you not think that they might have written "No more than a grade 3, but you can have it a bit shorter blended in on back and sides" if that is what they meant?

    It is not a fashion parade, and you will not give a monkeys toss whether it is 3 or 2, blended or otherwise within about 30 minutes of turning up. Why get yourself noticed for being different?
  8. lol fair do's

    3 all over it is then
  9. I remember one bloke who turned up for basic with streaks in his hair.

    The barber kept cutting till all sign of the streaks were gone, he ended up totally bald, and with the fantastic new nickname of 'Rent Boy'.

    As the Duke says do not get noticed!
  10. We had two lads rock up with what's known as "tortoise shell" highlights???
    They were the first to get pinged. I had a no.1 back and sides and was still skinned in week one. Short on top and shorter back and sides may look smarter but for training keep it to about no.3 or 4 all over.
  11. They're not really that fussed mate, don't lose any sleep on it and just turn up like this bloke:

  12. Well thats me fcuk'd, dont think my hair grows any longer than a 1 on top.

    I normally just shave it all down to the wood to hide my super bald patch, or solar panel for a sex machine as I would prefer to beleave.

    Better start training my hair too.
  13. Anyone remember that rumour, that

    "what is under your beret is yours soldier"

    Yeah fooking right !!
  14. One thing that you can safely ignore on your packing list is the pyjamas!

    I had to go out and buy a pair just so that I had everything on the list. They went home on my first leave still in the packet, and I think I ended up giving them to my dad for Christmas.
  15. ah naw a kanny live withoot my tartin jim jams