Haircut for AOSB

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Scotlt, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Sitting the main board in July and looking for a bit of advice on my haircut. Had a look through the girlfriends fashion mags but still no further down the line... In all seriousness though - been keeping my hair around a number 2 length for the past year due to my hairline not being what it was. Not sure whether to let it grow back for the main board or keep it cropped. Anyone got any advice on this please?
  2. I've not done AOSB but my instincts say that a no.2 would not go down as well as a short, well kept cut. As tempting as a trendy purple fringe may seem, it is probably not the best way to go either.
  3. agreed.
  4. As long as your hair isnt stupidly long on the front or touches your ears on the sides yu should be fine. I wouldnt go any shorter than a No.2. I have a No.2 on the back and sides and a trim on top, but if your hairline is slightly further back than it used to be you could probably get away with a No.2 all over.
    As long as you dont look like a thug or a footballer attending a trial you should be fine. Just make sure its smart and presentable. You get your hair cut when you get to RMAS anyway, but until then you should just be presentable.
  5. I'll obviously defer to heroforhelp if he's been to AOSB or Sandhurst, but I still think (based on nothing but conjecture) that you would be better off going with longer hair on top at least. You don't want to come across as some kind of uncouth skinhead.
  6. No.1 all over. With a bit of a quiff at the front. Jobs jobbed.
  7. Maybe with some bleached tips as well, that would go down a treat.

    As a traditional rule, they say that what you can see from your hat belongs to the queen, and what you cant see belongs to you. To that end, its better to have it slightly longer on top. However, at Westbury, i wouldnt worry too much, as long as you dont look like a conscript.
  8. I too am going for main board this summer but due to my balding status Ishave my head with an open blade.

    I was told at briefing that whilst looking macho, it suited me, and this was fine.

    any other baldies out there?
  9. Me!!!! I have been cursed with a thinning top, and so put a blade to it weekly!!
    Good to here that lack of hair shouldn't be an ind you, I have to get there first! Have interview with ACA in a couple of weeks.
  10. Good man, clipper a week keeps it sweet. Good luck with the meeting!
  11. I'd personally say, make sure you dont look like a convict, a hippy or that you dont care.
    Overly "faffy" hairstyles that take stacks of effort dont go down brilliantly, nor do bone cuts.
    Be sensible, think, "am i going to be taken seriously", remember, you dont get a second chance to make a first impression, and as such, your hair, your suit and your manner are all part of the package.
  12. I can remember being told once that the "rules"(?) were: Officers no shorter than an number 3, troops / NCOs etc no longer than a No 3...

    Don't know of the validity of that one, but it seems a "fair" idea...
  13. Certainly true about appearance, especially with regard to dress. I got hold of a copy of my ACA's first report and he had made a comment about how i was dressed/manner etc, so it definately matters. Bear in mind that most ACAs are all retired Colonels or above, and have a certain image of who they want to join the army, whether they will admit to it or not. Just be yourself, dress smartly and you will have no dramas.
  14. I always get mine cut to a 3 on the sides and trimmed on top, after about 1-2 weeks it reaches optimal length (then another 2-3 until I get it cut again!). I'm not an officer though, yet I've never had any bother about this.

    Whilst there are guidelines, sometimes it comes down to the individual. I look terrible with very short hair, whilst people can have very short hair and look fine.
  15. A minor razor accident has just left me with hair 3mm long haha. Luckily i have 2 weeks till my main board so i won't look like such a gooner by then.

    Basically what i'm saying is....if your on the same board as me....they won't care about your hair because they'l be asking what the hells wrong with mine.