Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vinniethemanxcat, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. While you have a point I do like something there to suggest I am not going down on a 12 year old.
  2. I read that far before wanting to cave her thick fucking skull in with a brick.

    How the fuck are women 'afraid of their legs'? Just last night I had a rather nice lass showing hers off all the way up to arse-cheek level, she didn't seem to be afraid, in fact she looked like she loved her legs and was so proud of them decided to show them off, much to my own and many others' pleasure.

    Feel guilty eating on the way to work? Sorry, but what the fuck? If you munch on the way to work you're probably a pie, male or female, and therefore deserve to be mocked. And how are they 'made' to hate their clunges exactly? Maybe you wouldn't feel so self-conscious about it if it didn't look like Bob Marley's bonce. Daft cow.

    Yes, CMD has passed all those laws that 'regulate women's bodies' hasn't he? And how are you 'made' to deal with abortion protests? No one is making you do anything you utterly hateful sorry fucking excuse for a person.
  3. She sounds like a right ol' laugh doesn't she?
  4. Funny how good looking women are rarely feminists and don't feel the need to liberate themselves.
  5. To be fair, I do like a box to look like a cat with its throat slashed. You just can't beat a bit of pubic floss.
    After all, its not called a beaver for nothing.

    But c'mon you gurlies, keep that immac/waxing/shaving going for legs and arm pits.
    FFS, even boxhead madchen shave their arm pits now!
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  6. polycystic ovaries have been medically proven to be caused by keeping a clout that Mrs Chewbacca would be proud of in your underpants. To that end continuing to be a gipping Hairy Mary is hardly going to help.

    These horrific creatures should be humanely trapped, using lentils, fire poi and bongo drums as bait. Then transported to their own cock free sanctuary, out of sight of normal people.

    They should then all be burnt.
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  7. Why does she think women are scared of their vaginas!

    She's loopy! If she didn't let it grow so much that it resembled a hairy gremlin then she wouldn't be scared of it!

    I hate feminists with a passion I really do! There all fucking crazy ugly hairy bitches who think they are better women than those of us who wear nice underwear and wash! Men like kept women, brush your hair shave your legs and maybe then you'll get a shag to release all that pent up aggression and hostility. Thy really do think they are better women, some of us don't want a liberation we want to wear pretty dresses and make up and have men open doors for us! Uch the lot of the should die horrific deaths!
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  8. I'm not scared of my flange....I'm just not sure where it IS anymore! I'd need a machete, a flame thrower, a good map and nose plugs to even ATTEMPT to find it
  9. Welsh Miner! :cyclopsani:
  10. (With due credit to Viz) Millie Tant - Equal Rights for Fat Ugly Women.

    Just for the record, I personally believe that we are all equal in the eyes of gods etc.
  11. I like a 70s style clunge....
  12. Fixed that :)
  13. Haha yes waxing them would be a fate worse than death for those grizzly bears!
  14. Well, you sound nice and feminine and gracious, I must say ;-)