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  1. Hi, im gonna be appyling for the army soon (im waiting til im 18 as im going to apply for the Intelligence Corps), and i havn't spoken to the recruiting officer yet, so i was just wondering if i could ask you guys instead.
    My hair has been growing for around a year and ive finally got it how i like it (not a pony tail), ive got no problem getting it cut when i join, but how long is your hair allowed to grow? thanks
  2. Your going to have to shave your hair to a grade 2 before you can even think of speaking to a recruiting officer.
    Otherwise you’ll be called a girl and laughed out of the building.
  3. Really? i was under the impression that it would be shaved once i went for training
  4. Mines past my knees, glad I didnt join a highland mob or it would show when I had a kilt on, makes funny lumps in my ron hills as well.

    59. Hair is to be neat and above the collar. Combs, slides and grips, when worn, are to be plain and of a similar colour to the wearer?s hair. Style and colour, if not natural, is not to be of an exaggerated nature.
  5. If you want the recruiting officer to take you seriously then you must look the part, shave your head and if you have any camouflage clothing then wear that to your interview. You’ll look like a real soldier and they’ll sign you up straight away.
  6. Goku why are we having this problem again, I asked a simple question i didnt say 'tell me how to do my hair so i can pose and pretend that im a real soldier' i asked how long it was allowed to grow Barrock Room Lawyer gave the sort of answer i was looking for
  7. How long do YOU think your hair can be in the army, as a male soldier, Diddums? You want to be in the Int Corps? Start showing some fcuking int then. You'll be asking how to breathe next.
  8. Is there a history of it?

    Personal Appearance


    a. Hair

    (1). Males. The hair of the head is to be kept well cut and trimmed, except where authority has been granted otherwise on religious grounds; style and colour (if not natural) is not to be of an exaggerated nature. If a moustache is worn, it is to be trimmed and not below the line of the lower lip. Beards and whiskers are only to be worn with authority, which will usually be granted only on medical or religious grounds, or where tradition permits. The appearance of the beard and whiskers is to be neat and tidy.

    (2). Females. The hair is to be neat and worn above the collar. Combs, grips etc., if worn, are to be plain and similar in colour to the hair. Style and colour (if not natural) is not to be of an exaggerated nature.

    b. Make up.

    (1). Males. Make up is not to be worn.

    (2). Females. Make up (if worn) is to be inconspicuous. Brightly coloured nail varnish is not to be worn.
  9. Thanks barracks room lawyer.
    Door_Bundle_Mk2, i merely meant that i assumed my head would be shaved and i knew it would have to stay 'short', but there is in fact a different between all shaved off grade 2 and 'short' hair. I was asking what would be classed as 'short' hair.
  10. This is not the 1950's anymore Rowums. I'm sure you've seen on badlads army, the guys are marched off all fluffy hair'd and then shaved to within an inch of their lives. This doesn't happen anymore & your head does not have to be shaved. In fact, many units would preffer you didn't shave you head at all ( they are trying to get away from the meat head squaddie look).

    As long as you hair is above your collar at the back and your side-ies are to the middle of your ear, with the top of you hair not too unruley, then you should be fine. If you go giving yourself a grade 2 all over, all you'll attchieve is the wrong impression from day 1.
  11. Fair one Gado - however in Phase 1 training we all had our hair shaved off....en mass.....does this not happen anymore? It wasn't that long ago....
  12. We had ours all Grade 2 in training - not allowed anymore.

    Anyway, can anyone shed some light on why certain types in the Army get so excited about sidies? QRs doesn't say anything about length of sidies (see BRL's quote from said publication), yet as soon as they drift past middle ear, these people go bananas and get really shitty about them.

    As far as I'm aware, it doesn't make you less fit, less able to carry out NBC drills, a worse shot, unable to march, or anything else.

    So come on all you serving and ex-Warrant Officers - why did/do you get so excited about sidies?
  13. It didn't happen during my basic training. Maybe the medics have different rules. Guys are certainly frowned upon for shaving their heads & in basic, they actually got quite severly bo!!ocked. Different reg / corps different rules, but i would think the Int corps would be in the same mode of thinking as the medics / RMP's rather than the Inf / Paras.
  14. Darth,

    I suggest you start here.

    Get those sidies up son!
  15. Alot of our establishments are tri service and if you let your sidies run away with you, then you look like a scruffy matloe. I wouldn't have though any self respecting squaddie would want to have anything in common with our sea fairing collegues.