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A man tells his female co-worker ''Wow, your hair smells great today'', she rushes into the boss' office announcing that she is quiting her job and filing a sexual harassment complaint against the man and the company. The boss says; ''but all he did was say your hair smells great!''. to which she replied ''yeah but he's a midget!'' ;)
She won't get very far with her complaint, as the person of reduced stature is likely to counter-sue as she has discriminated against him contrary to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
And a very long memory, that joke is so old it has arthritis.
So terribly sorry, first time I heard it, no doubt you heard it same way I did, via internet, as it was original for me thought I would share, pardon my presumptiousness, I will try very hard in future to only post my own material.
May be a very long wait.

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