Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by B_AND_T, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Have got a joker who thinks because of his religion can have his hair anyway he want.

    I have checked QR's but can't find a definitive answer.

  2. What religion are you talking about? There are allowances for certain religions (seikh, for example) where long hair is permitted, providing it is kept under the Turban.

    Or are you just jealous 'cos you haven't got much?
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    The reason I don't have much is because I have to get rid of the grey.

    Anyway he is claiming he is a Rasta!
  4. He's a Rasta? Well he will be smoking "da weed" on a regular basis, forget the hair and CDT his ass :p
  5. doe he have long dreads?
  6. Rastafarianism

    Yes, I know, it's wikipedia, but it was the first thing to come up on Google :oops:
  7. Definitive answer from Chaplians Branch:

    Rastafarianism is a recognised 'Ethnic Group', but not a recognised religion within the MoD. There is no allowance for religious holidays, dress or customs - this includes hair.

    In other words: Tough titties.
  8. The closest religion to Rastafarianism we recognise is Seventh Day Adventists.

    And they cut their hair.

    So fcuk him.
  9. You might like to check the Guide on Religion and Beliefs in the MOD and Armed Forces publication which says different to that quoted by the Chaplains. If you PM me I will send you a pdf copy or if you are on DII you can search on the Intranet.
  10. DOWN TO THE BARBERS !!!!!!
  11. I have copied the extract below:

    Rastafarianism originated in Jamaica in 1930 and it has been estimated that there are about 5,000
    Rastafarians in the UK.
    Beliefs and Practices
    Rastafarianism links with Judaism and early Christianity.Obedience to the Ten Commandments is
    very important and both the Bible and Ethiopian history are closely studied. The Nazarite Vow of
    Separation is followed closely and prohibits the cutting of hair. It also emphasizes the celebration
    of life, rather than death.
    Many British Rastafarians belong to the Twelve Tribes of Israel movement, which seeks to educate
    youngsters in the advancement of black people.The crowned Lion of Judah, bearing the Ethiopian
    flag of red, gold and green, is a highly recognised symbol, as too are the Star of David and the
    l Birthday of Haile Selassie I (23 July)
    l Ethiopian New Year (11 September)
    l Anniversary of the Crowning of Hiale Selassie I (2 November)
    l Christmas (25 December)
    Rastafarians prefer natural food such as fruits and vegetables (called I-tal). Salt is avoided but spices
    and pepper are very popular.Most do not eat pork as it is seen as unclean and some refuse alcohol.
    Hair is worn uncut in dreadlocks often covered by a hat which is usually red, green and gold.
    Other Points of Note
    Whilst the faith supports the smoking of ganga (marijuana) this practice remains unlawful in the
    UK, and is unaffected by the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief ) Regulations.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Does he look like a golliwog?
  13. All good.

    However, we only recognise religions that are listed within Queen's Regulations.

    Otherwise every tom would be cutting around in weird robes claiming that's thier right as a member of the 'Jedi Religion'

    So whilst it's great to have these diverse beliefs........Tough!
  14. Your Fired!
  15. The same publication has an Annex just about different dress permitted and I have copied it below:

    1. All Service personnel are required to wear standard pattern uniforms and adhere to Service
    clothing policy and instructions. However, the Armed Forces recognise the need to observe
    specific codes of dress in accordance with particular religious beliefs. For operational and health
    and safety reasons,members of the Armed Forces may have to be flexible in some circumstances.
    More detailed information on religious dress can be found in single-Service Dress Regulations.

    2. In the Armed Forces Sikhs are permitted to wear the 5Ks: Kara (steel bangle), Kesh (uncut
    hair), Kanga (small comb), Kaccha (special design knee length underwear) and Kirpan (small
    sword); male Sikhs can also wear a turban. However, some constraints regarding the wearing of a
    turban and keeping facial hair uncut do exist:
    Some trades require specialist headgear to be worn, especially in operational circumstances.
    Examples of this are Commander’s helmets in armoured fighting vehicles, combat helmets,
    breathing apparatus (full hood) for fire fighters, and flying helmets for aircrew in some types
    of aircraft. Turbans are incompatible with such specialist headgear, which must be worn on
    health and safety grounds. Male Sikh personnel can normally wear a patka under specialist
    headgear, however, this is not possible under a flying helmet which must be closely fitted to
    the contours of the head. Aircrew with long hair, male and female,may be required to have
    their hair cut short in order to achieve a satisfactory fit of a flying helmet.
    Muslim and Sikh Men

    3. Muslim and Sikh men are permitted to wear short neatly trimmed beards. However, for
    occupational or operational reasons, where a hazard clearly exists, personnel authorised to wear
    beards on religious grounds will have to be prepared to modify or remove their beards to such an
    extent as to enable the correct wearing of a respirator or breathing apparatus.

    a. Aircrew It is unlikely that a male Muslim or Sikh would be able to obtain an
    effective seal on his oxygen mask without trimming his beard.

    b. Respirator An effective seal on a respirator can only be achieved when the skin is
    clean shaven. In an operational environment (including training in preparation for
    operational deployment) where there is an NBC threat,Muslims, Sikhs and indeed all
    personnel with beards,would need to shave. However, when practising NBC drills, male
    Muslim and Sikh personnel will not be required to shave their beards.

    Muslim Women
    4. Muslim women are allowed to wear uniform trousers, rather than a skirt and may wear a hijab
    except when operational or health and safety considerations dictate otherwise. Long sleeve shirts
    are also available with most forms of Service dress. Tracksuit bottoms may be worn for sport. All
    Service personnel are required to achieve a basic swimming standard as part of their training.
    Although every effort will be made to ensure that these tests take place in an all female
    environment, it should be stressed to female Muslim applicants that this will not always be possible.

    Jewish Men
    5. A male member of the Jewish faith may wear a dark plain or patterned yarmulke whenever he removes other headdress