Hair today, gone tomorrow

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by crabtastic, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Shouldn't let Hippies near helicopters in the first place! :lol:
  2. You could make the groundies in thier jackson suits look even bigger cnuts by making them wear swimming hats whilst on crew :D
  3. MDN why have a go at the groundies again? It was a tech's hair that got all wound up, you would of known that had you of read the text!!
  4. Mmmm scalping - The helicopter must want to be an Apache!!!
  5. And if you read my text you'll see I didn't have a go at groundies... Trigger

    I was one.

    I wasn't for one minute really suggesting that all groundtypes, be they tech or groundspike be issued swimming hats.

    MPS? Are they the chaps that stag on the front gates?
  6. Maybe Yes Maybe No - - How the hell should I know ?

    You are correct, next time I will read the text more carefully. Appologies and excuses in abundance to you.

    It is time I stopped digging this hole any deeper, because I keep falling further in.......