Hair removal

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Whats the best way to remove 'unsightly' hair from ones body?
  2. When you find out, let us know will you mate.

    My missus says my scrotum looks quite fetching in one of them elastic protective nets they put round christmas tree bauble decorations.

    Trouble is it don't arf make me eyes water when the hairs get caught up whilst it gets wrenched off ferociously.
  3. Hi all

    VEET cream, wash off in the shower stuff. my missus makes me get rid of all unsightly hair before we go on holidays makes me feel like a right poof but it works a treat.
  4. Friendly chat in sushi bar with that nice Mr Ivanov...
  5. A_J, whats with the fat & hair removal queries - you going on holiday soon?? Or do you resemble a fat chewbacca & have decided to do something about it ;)
  6. Hair removal method:

    (1) Pliers

    (2) Large bottle of Bushmills

    (3) Sound-proof room

    :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
  7. FFS. What are you people on about? I didn't know I had wandered into some kind of metrosexual cross dressers knitting circle. Gay fucks who pluck hair from whichever orifice need buggering to death with whatever over size implement fits their already sagging *********. Get a grip, before you all turn into fecking wimmin.

    Or have you already?
  8. A blow torch.
  9. Fat - I foolishly glanced in the bathroom mirror while in a state of undress and it would seem past last year I have spent sitting on my ARRSE guzzeling booze and posting away has seriously damaged my former Godlike physique.

    Hair - the girls in my life have offered to put on a show if I lose the shoulder tufts, cannot upset the ladies now….

    Tomorrows health question will refer to a business trip I have to make to NY
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Tell her to get off
  11. Hairy shoulders and other odd patches of sporadic hair growth is not a good look on a well chizzled torso when on the beech.
    Plus the missus make me do it.

    But under the green stuff who gives a shit
  12. Thanks for the tip Mountain_goat, VEET it shall be - might have to put it in a more warry container though.
  13. Fetch me the nail gun.........
  14. Armchair,

    You need to read the archive before you do anything. Somewhere buried in there is a really funny (in a painful sort of way) story about the application of Veet to one's nether regions.

    However, should I now be too late with my warning, you could usefully post your sorry story as a warning to others.

    And, with a bit of luck, it would be funny too! :lol:

  15. I noticed that the back of my hands were becoming hairy. I accepted that this was old age but realised that, due to work pressures, I hadn't had a good bonfire in ages.

    One bonfire later and not very much hair on back of hands. :D