Hair length for new recruits

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baz1986, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Was reading through my documents I recieved from the ACO and it says new recruits are not allowed skinheads and the shortest length allowed is a no.3 on the top and no.2 on the sides. I always thought you were allowed skinheads? Anyone know why this is? Seems bit harsh on us lads who wanna keep the hairdoo short.
  2. They are correct, No skinheads. You want to look smart and professional, not like an England football hooligan or BNP/C18 Member
  3. Suppose.
    So a crew cut it is for the next 20years of my life.........
  4. Apparently soldiers have to be prepared to look like civvies in 'normal' life.
    If your dead skinny with a skin head you can look like a thug or fit a stereotype of drug user. So its more for public perception. More to the point why couldn't I have long sideburns when I was a soldier?
  5. As time goes on, you can shave your head. Although not allowed as such, once at your unit it is more tolerated than anything else. I keep mine shaven in now, but in phase 1 and 2? No chance.
  6. But I'm a slightly ginger twat! the pain! the pain!
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    "Slightly ginger"?

    You're a gwa :)
  8. Yup, gwar it is. No wonder you want to have a skinhead!
  9. No skinheads, I turned up my first day at basic with a decent short back n sides. Then they marched us all down to the barbers for number 2 all over.

    And we had to pay for it!
  10. Slightly ginger is still ginger you either are a gwa or you aren't and for all those strawberry blondes, et al out there yes your ginger too

    as far as hair length goes although in the dim and distant past I had a similar letter prior to going to the Depot, got there nice and tidy very similar to 3 on top and 2 at the sides, to be sat in a chair on arrival and scalped by sweeny todd.
  11. I say slightly ginger because I'm in denial. It is my bastard dads fault, why did that prat have to be a ninja. Mite just wear a turban? Could I get away with that>
  12. Yes as long as you put the appropriate religion on the form
  13. You would habe to grow a big ginger beard tho!!!!
  14. Do it, and post a pic. That would amuse me no end!
  15. If you were a rasta, do you reckon youd be able to keep your dreads on the basis of religious needs?!