hair cuts in the army ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rp_uk_08, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. i usually have a grade 1 hair cut all over but ive heard you only allowed grade 3 and over, is this true
  2. It was frowned upon when I went through training, grade 2 on sides, 3 or 4 on top being more acceptable. Don't know whether it's still the case though as that was 20 odd years ago.
  3. I have been told that orrificers must be longer than a grade 2 on the sides and "a bit longer" on top.. not exactly sure what that meant though..
  4. It was a matter of interpreting Queens Regs. Not a specific measurement if I recall correctly but the No 1 was frowned upon due to the association with ‘skin-heads’ and trouble.
  5. Mine is down to just above my collar, and I dye it as well.
  6. "skin heads and trouble" - code for squaddies perchance? 8O
  7. With Herr Cutts stood behind you, as he was there between 1939 and 45 cutting the last lot of soldiers hair!

    Wear large ballon beret, you get to keep more of your hair . . . . :wink:
  8. high and tight?
  9. Was a grade 3 all over when I went through ATFC. Anyone caught getting their hair cut any shorter was taken round to "C****r's Corner"* and not seen for an hour or so.

    *Anyone who went through ATFC in 82 RE Sqn whislt C*****r and Wolfy were there will know of this mystical place where one was able to breathe through ones own arse after leaving.

    EDITED by myself: to remove waffling about times gone by
  10. Let it grow. I have mine cut every 5 - 6 weeks, whether it needs it or not :twisted: 6-8mm no shorter on back and sides, and a trim and thin on top.

    Anything shorter is just lazy or vain. As you can obviously not be bothered to look after it, or you´re a baldy. On tour I go to a bone dome.

    QRs are very vague on the matter, I should be allowed to have my hair in a bun if I so wish.
  11. my hair is curly so i cant have shorter on the sides then top because it will look stupid
  12. Fixed, wait a minute I appear to have left the NAAFI Bar.
  13. I havnt really thought about this before now, I shave my head every week, will this not be allowed in training?
  14. If you are pretty much a baldy, apart from some fluff round the sides, it's generally accepted that you can be down to the bone.
  15. What about 0 at the sides 4 on top? Is this alright for basic?