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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. I have longish hair and im wondering would i have to get my hai cut before i do the medical and runs etc or do i only have to get it cut just before basic training?
  2. Get it cut immediately you poofter. :D
  3. No 1. All over. Your instructors won't have it any other way!!!!
  4. No, leave it, once you get in you will be able to tell the depot barber, EXACTLY how you want it (ie highlights, layered etc) He is used to bespoke requests and will be able to accommodate most sensible requirements. I would make an appointment though, as they can get quite busy, and may need to order materials in advance (ie lotions, gels, bleaches etc)
  5. On a serious note...

    You want to make the best impression possible in every dealing you have with the Army. That includes a smart haircut, as well as decent clothes, shoes, being on time, being polite and so on.

    You don't need to have your hair cut to the bone before you join; but you should make sure it's smart. That usually means off the collar of your shirt and off the top of the ears, though I don't imagine a little longer would spoil your chances.

    Dreadlocks, afros and ponytails* are right out.

    Just remember that you want to make the best impression possible, and do what you can to make sure that happens, and you'll be fine.

    *Unless you're a chick.

  6. And you only have to put up with a compulsory 2 all over for phase 1.
  7. I have my head shaved back and sides and very short on the top, is that acceptable? I've had my head shaved all over alot recently and want to get away from it now.
  8. These hairstyles are compulsory in the Royal Ganja Rifles.
  9. Just keep it whatever way you want, if anyone tells you different just tell them you are an individual and have the right to express yourself.

    It’s about time the f*ckers got with the sketch and modernised, also may I suggest lip, nose, eyelid and multiple ear piercings.
  10. Turn up with long hair and you will get your arse reamed, right up to the tats :twisted:
  11. Keep your hair long mate. We now encourage folk to keep their own style. As long as you wear a scrunchie or a go-go and a ponytail you will be ok. The hair can't touch the collar but it if it's kept off the collar your OK. If the nasty Sgt Major gets grumpy just go to the MO on the sick with stress and Cherie Blair will fight your case at Strasburg. Nasty rude Army with pugnacious attitudes to short hair.
  12. Shave followed by Immac didnt do me any harm, followed by a grade 2 for the hair on my head!
  13. a ha ha ha
  14. I'm loving the dry humour on this board :D

    The Army should never stop it's policy of short hair, it is a necessary part of discipline.
  15. Yes. If you are joining the US Marines. HOOHAA!!!!