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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by poorlytrainedidiot, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. i know this may be a completly bone question but after much drink and boredom i decided to shave a mohawk. am i going to have to get rid of this before i go back? if the answers no then i'll get rid of it but would just like to know if i actually have to.


  2. Keep it. You'll be fine.
  3. Last time I shaved a mohawk, he fcukin tw@ed me with a....erm...tomohawk.
    You'll be fine - just keep ya hat on.
  4. wots under yer beret is yours - so the army myth goes
  5. Wait in line with threaders_vm. Ask the RSM if he is happy with your latest cut. As Biscuits says, youll be fine. Finish the ensemble off with a stud in your tongue and a 'clowns tear' tattoo on your left cheek. It's 2006 after all.
  6. Yeah why not tell the RSM he can make u shave it because you are the last of them.
  7. There were loads of people who had studs in there tongues in my regiment. One of them was a Full Screw in my section and another Staffy who took it out when he got his third.

    At least thats hidden though. A mohahawk just looks stupid.
  8. Before we sailed off to the Falkland Islands (just after the war) a few of our lads decided that the billiard ball look was for them. Unfortunately for them, but good for the rest of us, the RSM did not see it that way. They discovered that the time homoured way of indicating to the RSM your desire to be at the forefront of his mind everytime volunteers are required to do the shitty chores of life was to shave your head.

    For the entire 2 weeks (I think) the call from the ships tannoys "Baldies to reception" would be heard with great regulartity, for having done all the chores the RSM had, he knew that they would desire more until the more suitable amount of hair had made it appearance. So just to prove that even in those days the Regiment was all up for the concept of jointness with the RN, he volunteered their services to the resident Master-at Arms, who demonstrated to them all sorts of stuff that needed to be done on a ship at sea, particularly that which involved getting covered in gunk in dark, cramped spaces of a ship that us land lubbers, and probably most of the crew had no idea existed!