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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by hill, May 11, 2008.

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  1. After realising that paying 6 quid to get my hair cut is a pain in the arrse I've decided to invest in some hair clippers.

    Can anyone recommend some? Ideal Price range is £30 - £60. I want something sturdy which can cut hair to different lengths.

  2. Remington do some good ones. I have a set of chordless with ceramic blades (they've been on TELIC & HERRICK with me) and I got them for the same reason as you (going bald with a penchant for boule zero haircuts) to save money.
  3. Yes. Wahl.

    Get the big set with the tapered combs for trimming round your ears.

    Avoid any other makes (unless you're buying from a proper barbers' supplier).

    It's a doddle. My daughter started cutting my hair when she was 6 and did a reasonable job, requiring just a little bit of tidying up by mum. It may be more difficult if you try to cut your hair yourself, so get a buzzer buddy.

    edited to add an example link:
  4. Yer, I've heard ceramics are better cause they dont need oiling. Im assuming that if they survived Herrick and Telic then theyre quite tough.
  5. An anecdote...

    My Wahl clippers were great for about 8 years until some scrote burgled the house and took the clippers. I bought a Remington with ceramic blades, thinking that they'd be even better, but found that they ripped hairs out rather than cut them. I'm currently using Remington with steel blades (a present :oops: ), and find them better than ceramic. They do, of course, need to be oiled, but one drop at the start of a trim is hardly a hardship. They're not a patch on the Wahl, though.
  6. Cheers puttees. I went for the big wahl set off amazon for 30 quid, seeing as I've got quite thick hair and dont fancy it being ripped out by a set of remingtons.
  7. Just make sure that the bottom shear of the clippers is parallel and the screws that hold it are fully tightened.

    If this doesn't make sense at the moment, it will when you've got them.

    ... wife once dropped them, knocking the shear out of parallel and, boy, did it rip! Sorted in seconds, though.
  8. My stepdad is a retired barber-did the job for 40+ years. He swears by Wahl and I used a set myself whilst onboard. Can't knock them. Don't touch any other brand-any barber worth his salt will only use Wahl.
  9. If you've got thick hair, then a trip to the barber is in order every couple of months to get it thinned with his thinning scissors.

    Also wash and dry your hair and comb it thoroughly before trimming. Clippers don't like greasy hair or knots.

    One drop of oil (included in the kit) on the blades before you start and you're away. Don't forget to pay attention to the instructions - there's a screw on the side that dampens the vibration, giving a smooth haircut.

    With the additional attachment combs that come in the kit, you can also take up trimming ladies' short hair - read that any way you like ;)

    When I was working on Ascension Island in 1985, one of the RAF lads was coining it in with his clippers - the only set on the island, at the time.
  10. Mrs Dingerr says Wahl.

    She's a current and competant hair dresser.
  11. Wahl, work great and last for years.

    Don't fall into the habit of getting a trim just before you go somewhere important though, life gets difficult when you get a powercut halfway through......
  12. Myself im a Remington man but have heard Wahl are meant to be good
  13. Wahl without a doubt!!

    I also have an 'el cheapo' rechargeable set that I got from the petrol station for 5 quid, they do the job when i'm away from home, but aint a patch on the old trusty Wahl ones
  14. Mine (Wahl) cost me about 9 quid 12 (yes TWELVE) years ago and have never failed. Mrs shaves my bonce every two weeks (well the sides anyway).

    Never worked out how many cuts that equals at around 9 - 10 quid a go.

    Saved a bloody fortune I reckon.
  15. I've only ever seen them cut hair "shorter", so I think you'll be wasting your time here mate.