Hair by Spitfire


Kit Reviewer
Jussus !

That was a low pass !

Bloody good drop of film mind, cheers for that BC


Kind of reminded of the case of the bloke killed at South Cerney by a C130 doing much the same thing.
FMOB! Brilliant!

Half of me wants to buy the pilot a pint, the other half wants to kick his cnut in for endangering a Spitfire! :lol:

Still and all, if they just sit on the ground, they might just as well be Airfix kits; they're only alive if they're flying... Long may it be so!

Thanks BC, I'll keep that one for when I need cheering up. :lol:
Awesome clip, is it at Duxford? looks like a B17 in the background? Sally B?
Yeah it is I think it was filmed for a programme called 'Spitfire Summer' on the Discovery channel
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