Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. It is rumoured that the reprehensible and oleaginous Hain is to return to government. Surely indicative of the depths that have to be plumbed by this dishonest and deceitful government.

    It has been so good not hearing his slimy, whining voice on Radio 4?

    The repellent Naughtie is surely striving to be the government's equivalent of the evil Dr. Joseph Goebbels and leader of the propaganda arm of ZANU Neu Arbeit. Did you hearing posing the 'planted' question to the perverted Mandelson the other morning? Vomit inducing.
  2. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    It is to be hoped on the hoped for defeat of ZANU Neu Arbeit at the next election,it's wannabe propaganda chief,James Naughtie will go the way of Dr Joseph Goebbels at the end of the second world war and commit suicide.

    The anti-British BBC need to be brought to heel by the next non-Liarbore government,a process that will hopefully result in mass sackings and an end of the license fee.
  3. That last bit just gave me a semi.

    I used to think that perhaps the BBC could be redeemed,but the last week has certainly put an end to any such notion.

    So it was just an error on Hain's part and not a slush fund?

    Confidence continues to build with the CPS and law enforcement in general.

    PS some seditionists out their might like this facebook group.

    No more telly tax
  4. Forgetfulness and ignorance of the law is and never was an excuse for wrongdoing. If it was you or I we would be in the dock. The State is becoming more and more putrefied. Why am I not surprised by this decision?
  5. Oh you arte all so unfair, he never meant to take the £100K, it was an honest mistake and he is very sorry that he was not more careful in checking up on his staff. You really cannot get the staff these days - too many ....?
  6. Looks to me that you just can't get an honest government eather
  7. With 'A Very Nice Man' like Peter Hain coming back into gubbermunt, along with the even more likeable chap, Peter Lord Mandelson. Pa Broone must be a very cheerful chappy, and quite happy for somebody to pull his chains..... ooops!.

    Apparently Mr Hain has suggested that its all the Comedian, Rory Bremnet's fault that folks are so cynical about politicians, especailly Liebore politicians.It's comedy isn't it? Why would you resign if you knew you were innocent?

    "Mr Hain has blamed poor administration and has said the suggestion he tried to hide anything was "absurd"."

    So why did he quit if he's got nothing to hide?

    You're right, this is another in an ever growing string of cock ups since Brown took over "running" the country. If it's not departmental incompetence then it's "poor administration".

    Get em out, now. The Tories can't do any worse surely? :( :?
  8. I maintain that anyone who can't just use the given name of someone / something looks like a knee-jerk letter writer and petty small-town Socialist Worker distributor - regardless of the politics you spout.
  9. Yep, just the chap you want in charge of Work & Pensions sorting out that bloody awful mess...

    Guess that's as good as saying he'll be back on the front bench in a few weeks then... why am I getting deja vu here? Mandelson, Blunkett...

    This kind of tickled me though, what donations each of them had received for the Deputy Leader campaign:

    Harriet Harman: £46,851 (winner)
    Alan Johnson: £62,994
    Jon Cruddas: £144,272
    Hilary Benn: £33,925
    Peter Hain: £185,156
    Hazel Blears: £73,050

    So this slimy git spunked nearly five times what Harriet Harperson did only to finish fifth. Guess you can't polish a turd after all.
  10. Funny how BBC Radio4 has interviewed him for a programme tonight:

    On the Ropes
    5 December 2008
    John Humphrys's guest is former cabinet minister Peter Hain, who talks about the ten-month police investigation into his finances and his future now that he has cleared his name.

    Wonder when BBC knew he was to be cleared? March or April this year perhaps????
  11. Scandalous. Next you'll be suggesting that our illustrious Home Secretary had no idea that Conservative chap was going to be arrested.
  12. Never even heard of Jon Cruddas. Did you make him up?

    Edited to add - Now that I've googled him, he appears to be an Australian builders labourer with a PhD in philosopy. Bet he drinks 4X.
  13. Exactly- I can understand Cruddas having to spend more as he's not as big a 'household name' as the others, but Hain? You'd have thought that having held several high profile posts he'd not have to spend so... oh, hang on...
  14. There's been a whole programme about him and his political future this week already.


    I had the misfortune to meet him when he came to speak at the Welsh university I worked at in '99. I have never encountered a more conceited, self-aggrandising prick (even though I've also met Kilroy Silk). He talks as though he were personally responsible for the end of apartheid and considers himself the Welsh Jack Kennedy.
  15. You shouldn't be surprised at all! There is always one Law for our masters and one for the rest of us.

    And as for the BBC.........