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  1. Aye!
  2. Don't you think the words 'Hain' 'Jail' and 'Suicide' go together soooo well?
  3. Manzakunt.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Whenever this 'donations' thing pops up, or money laundering for want of a better word, I'm always minded of septic evangelist 'churches' that thrive on 'donations' from stupid people.

    They sell themselves for 'donations', don't care where they come from (such as gambling companies), try to preach to us about social responsibility and offer us both heaven and earth as payment for subscribing to their particular branch of sky-fairy bullsh!t. When the time comes to pay the piper, it all turns out to be a load of old bowlarks, and it very soon comes to light that the whole thing was just a big rip-off. The 'preachers' invariably go off in the big expensive cars, to live in their big expensive houses, whilst everyone who subscribed gets horribly shocked that they got taken in, followed by outragedness.

    I give you Zanu NL ladies and gennelmen.

  6. 'Hain', 'showers', 'fear', ring a bell, too.
  7. I think Peter Hain should indeed be jailed - in Zimbabwe would be nice! Two-faced, idiot, racist swine!
  8. Just goes to show that good things come to those who wait.

    As for choice of gaol location, I suggest HMP Maghaberry - Hain released all his PIRA mates early, but the other prisoners would be sure to welcome him.
  9. Oh I say, good call!
  10. Good idea - some of those Shankill boys can be very affectionate, and I'm sure Permatan Peter, with his sunny smile and chubby cheeks ( :lol: ), would be much in demand.
  11. There is news; there is good news; and, there is unbelieveable news.

    This is something else. He is the BIGGEST male SHIT in zaNULiarbour. (His female equals are: Hewitt; Harman and Hodge).

    When, not if, this reptile, this oleaginous, repellent chancer, this repulsive, sneering voiced, shit-faced cnut, is cleared of all charges - I shall donate some money to this site.

    Has anyone else noticed that he is permanently on the BBC these days? Why? He is disgraced, he is an irrelevance, he is history and my great dream is the good people of Neath wake up and ditch him - just as the good people of Abertillery and Ebbw Vale ditched their zaNu Liarbour 'shoe-in'.

    Abertillery and Ebbw Vale, now called Blaenau Gwent was, repeat WAS, the safest old fashioned Labour seat in Wales - not now. Losing Blaenau Gwent was WORSE for Labour than being beaten by BNP in Henley. The only result better than I can imagine is for the thieving (pensions), useless (10p tax allowance), unelected, one-eyed clown now sitting as HM's prime minister losing his seat (if he has the guts to stand) at the next general election.

    He was the worst (thieving, dogma driven, spiteful, envious) Chancellor of the Exchequer and he is now going for the Double!

    I also pray that the good people of Glasgow East will rally to the call of the SNP and kick the zaNUliarbour fascist scum out there as well.
  12. Dem - I would have struggled to believe that those 'young soldiers'' locked up in the name of freedom an things, taken them force fed steroids an things and being made to have those awful tattoes of 'celtic patterns' an things, you now describe us as batting for the other side. you wee fecker, well I'm disillusioned, you shoite you!!

    Adidas said that our image was all of tough gits, men of men and now the secrets out. Best not said that we had 'relations' wiv Derry boys, strickly business ye know, but I was under orders............ :D
    Hope Pete goes down, his tales........ well, are delaying my circumstances to re-habilitate myself with society. I could have gone to to Nelson's do in London but I'm soo distraught.......
  13. Why do you think he's that colour? He isn't just teflon coated. Hain is teflon coated, smeared in KY jelly and coated in baby oil. He's more slippery than a slippery thing sitting in a bathtub full of slippery stuff. Superglue would not stick to him.

    This is the man who got off with a bank robbery charge on the grounds that evil South African fascists had sent in an identical double of Hain to blag the bank to discredit the anti-apartheid movement.

    Do you really think Cyclops is going to allow the DPP to bring charges against Hain? A quick phone call and, suddenly, 'Prosecution is not in the public interest'. Remember - the criminal justice system only applies to little people who drop apple cores or overfill their wheelie bins.
  14. Anyone old enough to remember the Ancient Mariner one above must surely also remember the "George Davis is Innocent" campaign, coming soon to a railway bridge near you. At the time the orange faced person being very active and prominent there, whilst also so obviously comforting Mrs D whilst big George was eating his porridge. Well I'm not going to tell him am I?
    Leopards, untruths, spots anyone?