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  1. These people are not as we are. They are on another plane of existence:

    The Belfast Telegraph, today:

    "Following a meeting with his Irish ministerial counterpart, Dermot Ahern, last night, Mr Hain was asked when any return of a power-sharing administration could be anticipated.

    "Well, I have said all along is that I don't think this will happen in weeks but it cannot happen in years. Northern Ireland cannot be caught paralysed politically for a long period of time. ," he added."

    This man's acute grasp of the facts continues to astonish me. No need for any further comment, folks. Hain's statement - and presence as Northern Irish Secretary - stands as a granite monument to his political party's ineptitude (and dishonesty, disloyalty and downright cowardice) on the issue.
  2. Don't think you are going to get many posts to this as you have summed up the thruth of the situation.
  3. The SoS should be from the province. If they were from one particular community (used in the loosest sense) they would have to work extremely hard to gain the trust of the other community - if this is indeed at all possible, which is the key to the problems.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Isn't there a politically active Muslim there ?
  5. What difference would that make?
  6. It strikes me that Hain doesn't want to be SoS for Northern Ireland. When he does appear interested, he tends to incline towards Republicans. He seems to think that this is a similar situation to apartheid-era South Africa...no prizes for guessing who he regards as the 'bad guys'.
  7. Don't be so harsh on the poor man. He's doing his best, but this job is really starting to eat into his time on the sunbed and he's starting to show the strain. How can he be expected to focus on his job when he knows he's losing ground to David Dickinson and Robert Kilroy-Silk?