Hain says UVF ceasefire is over

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/4243652.stm

  2. And will he also acknowledge the IRA's ceasefire has never acctually come into effect? (bank robberies, drug trafficking, collaborating with international terrorists, killing civies, information gathering and arms procurement to name but a few)

    Will he fook because he's Tony's whipping dog, and Tony likes Gerry and Martin too much to piss them off.
  3. More to the point...Will it make any odds.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The IRA ceasefire is holding - in that they have not attacked the Security Forces, or the UK Mainland. Tony doesn't care about criminality, punishment shootings, beating people to death in pubs, etc. Vey few in Ulster vote Labour, even when there is a Labour candidate available.

    As to Loyalists starting the 'troubles' - there's a bit more too it than that. as with all things in Norn Iron, it is very difficult to see a specific start point, or define what started it.

    Regarding the IRA, it seems that they are taking advantage of the present situation to re-affirm their rule:


    If you can't get the link, it starts:
    "Police in Northern Ireland are investigating claims that IRA men armed with crowbars and a knife attempted to kill the best friend of the murder victim Robert McCartney as mayhem erupted on the streets of Belfast."
  5. OldSnowy Wrote:

    Why not try the response to the Easter Rising, or Cromwell, or Henry VIII !
  6. Dzerzhinskiey

    Lets get it right the recent troubles may have been seen to have started in 1968, however the IRA had been carrying out a campaign almost continuously since partition both in Northern Ireland and the mainland with the tacit consent of the Republic of Ireland (state sponsored terrorism anyone). Funny there are no Bloody Sunday type investigations into the Republics/Gardai collusion with the IRA. If you wonder why the protestants are twitchy try reading some of the stories on this site. http://www.victims.org.uk/
  7. Absolute balderdash. The Irish Civil War of 1922-23 was fought by the government of the newly-independent Irish Free State against the IRA - more IRA men were executed by the Free State than by the British. Even DeValera when he came to power in 1932 cracked down hard on the IRA - their illegality is enshrined in the 1937 Constitution and he imprisoned and executed a number of them during the Second World War. There was certainly 'tacit consent' among some people in civic and political life in the Irish Free State (1922-49) and Republic of Ireland (1949 - ), but to speak of the 'tacit consent of the Republic of Ireland' in the IRA's campaigns since 1920, and to make suggestions of 'state sponsored terrorism' is historically untrue and politically dangerous. There has been collusion between small numbers of Gardaí and the IRA (as there was between some members of the RUC and Loyalist paramilitaries), but members of An Garda Síochána and the Defence Forces have consistently opposed the IRA - they have the dead to prove it. During the 1970 'Arms Trial', members of the Fianna Fáil government were tried and convicted of attempting to import arms illegally for supply to Catholic areas in Northern Ireland (which would have invariably led to the IRA getting its hands on them). This information was uncovered by the Army and Gardaí. How do I know? Well, it's history for one, and my father was an officer in G2.

    During the early years of the recent Troubles, so many Catholics were driven from their homes by Portestant mobs, that they constitutted at that time the greatest movement of people in Europe since the end of the Second World War. I despise the IRA and its offshoots with every fibre of my being, and am proud to have Ulster Scots Presbyterian blood in my veins, but I have to say that you appear to be unaware that the Catholics of Northen Ireland, most notably in the period 1920-68, were treated like dirt.

    Your posting is both shameful and infantile. Well done. Your mentality is better suited to the 1600s, which, if memory serves, is when the present crop of planters' ancestors slunk into Ulster once it had been 'pacified' (See now, having an insulting generalisation slung at you is not particularly pleasant is it?).
  8. Dzerzhinskiey said...

    ... People on here seem to forget that the first soldier to be killed by terrorists in the troubles (a gunner) was killed by the UVF....



    06 February 1971 Robert Curtis (20) nfNI
    Status: British Army (BA), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA)
    Shot by sniper while on British Army (BA) foot patrol, New Lodge Road, Belfast.

    Gunner Curtis was the first soldier killed but he was killed by the PIRA.

  9. Hain would do this about any Loyalist terrorists because they are not "his" terrorists but bad ones sort of like his support for the ANC... a terrorist group he supported, like his mate Bob Mugabe. Nothing wrong with comrade Bob though is there?

  10. Get a life you knuckle trailing bigot.
  11. That website is a fanatically bigoted piece of shiite. Not a single mention of any Protestant paramilitaries killing innocent Catholics. To victims.org.uk people like Billy Wright and Johnny Adair were heroic defenders protecting the public against dual Dublin/Vatican-sponsored catholic hitsquads. And not sociopathic drug dealers with small minded, council-estate-honed, sectarian hatred coursing through their veins. Utter pish.

    Come on guys we all know that Adams et al have got their small-to-medium scale tactical victory, whereas we the people of the UK have our strategic win which is political victory against what is acknowledged to be one of the most devious, innovative and more importantly successful guerilla resistance movements of the 20th century. What started in the late 60s as a combination of socialist dogma and the growing civil rights resistance movements ended up a million miles away into a warped stand-off. Hence it needed radical action to bring it to an end. They won a couple of battles but, ultimately, we won the war. It's just that some people are too stupid to understand (including many of the sink-hole republican and loyalist estate thugs).

    It's obvious that the government was willing to grant small concessions (what? give papish scum the vote?) to the republicans to extend the ceasefire. The longer the Norn Irish taste peace (or close to it) the harder it is for the terrorists to convince the people that their rights are trampled underfoot and that they must revolt. Cos the people (nationalists) say 'well, things are ok now, my kids aren't being beaten up and interrogated by the army etc etc and we are pretty much equal in the political world, the economy's ok and the family can get work if they want it'. So for the price of some small political compromise (and that's all it was - small) the nationalist community has steadily lost its appetite for civil war.

    Isn't it wierd how British society treats the actual Irish (i.e. from Eire) more like one of 'us' than his Ulster brother. I don't recall Terry Wogan ever getting eyed suspiciously as a terrorist. I always thought there must be something under that wig!