Hain praises Sinn Fein/IRA

although if your trying to get the evil barstards on side telling them there a bunch of knuts supporting a muderous bunch of knuts probably won't help :cry:
though you guys have helped kill children and soldiers of your last friend would be more like the truth :evil:
As Brighton says...lets.have a coup.......were fcukrd under this lot!

Having said that,and being that it is the Sabbath, I also must unreservedly apologise for being in the army of occupation,and letting the Fenian Brothers shoot ,bomb and assasinate my friends. :evil: alledgedly in the name of freedom.....................


HAIN = KNUT :twisted: :twisted:
What a two faced lieing sh1t.
Typical of Blurs government, spends his youth exposing one cause and line of thought and now as one of Her Majastys Ministers who should be backing her troops 100% can't wait when given a chance to slip the knife in.
jonwilly said:
What a two faced lieing sh1t.
Got to take issue with you there, john.

Hain would appear to have been consistent in his view that if you were the last into a country (regardless of your contribution to that country) you ought to be the first out.

The ANC was a terrorist organisation which is now in government and making a hash of it and the IRA will eventually probably manage to do the same.

Hain is utterly loathesome.
he's been here for ages, remember him who use to throw nails, etc at the beginning of South African rugby matches!!

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