Hail El' Irish Presedente

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Naafi or Serious current affairs ...you decide !!!

    Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness To Run For The Office Of President Of Ireland | World News | Sky News

    McGuinness To Run For Irish Presidency


    The former IRA leader and current deputy first minister of Northern Ireland will be formally endorsed by his party leadership over the weekend.

    The announcement is already being billed as the republican movement's most audacious act since IRA prisoner Bobby Sands stood as an MP.

    Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said: "The officer board will recommend that the candidate will be Martin McGuinness.

    "Sinn Fein believes that the office of Uachtaran na hEireann has been made more relevant by Mary Robinson and by President Mary McAleese.

    "This is a time of great challenge for all the people of Ireland. We need positive but authentic leadership.

    "It will be a great honour for me to propose Martin McGuinness to contest this election on a broad, republican, citizen-centred platform."

    Mr Adams added: "I believe that this election will give Martin the platform to continue the work which he has led in the North and in the peace process and to put it on a national footing.

    "I would appeal, if Martin contests this election, for people to join in this campaign, including people in the North and across the diaspora who are denied a vote at this time.

    "The campaign will give citizens the opportunity to make a stand for a better Ireland, for a united Ireland."

    ....next up after the break

    Bin Laden, not dead, but running for Saudi Kingdom !!!!!!
  2. The worrying thing is that Adams believes all that shite he talks, and by inference so do some of the general population.
  3. Any Oirish presidents ever been slotted?
  4. He should have stuck to singing.

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  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Would that make him a 'legitimate' target for a terrorist? :)
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  6. No.......One had his father executed though.
  7. Riddle of the Bobby Sands
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  8. You're clever...that means you're in the top 1% around here.
  9. It won't happen.

    I live in the rebel county, and they fancy themselves as being a tad anti establishment in these parts, but the general consensus is that Mcguinness is a feckin moron.
  10. Ladbrokes don't rate his chances very high!

    Next Irish President Betting Odds |Bet at Ladbrokes.com

    Michael D. Higgins 8/13 Susp.
    Gay Mitchell 7/2 Susp.
    Martin McGuinness 13/2 Susp.
    Mary Davis 9/1 Susp.
    David Norris 14/1 Susp.
    Sean Gallagher 20/1 Susp.
    Labhrás Ó Murchú 66/1 Susp.
    Michelle Gildernew 999/1 Susp.
  11. You know you are free to leave Cork...they can't keep you there.

    I would.

    Oh Jesus just thinking of their fucking accent makes me want to headbutt the wall.
  12. I know exactly what you mean, however down in West Cork, where I hang me washing, the accent is a lot softer on the ear, and entirely incomprehensible.

    However, 'McGuinness is a twat' works well in most dialects.
  13. Michael Collins was president of the IRB (and therefore, in the doctrine of that organisation, de jure President of the Irish Republic) when he was killed by the IRA.

    I sometimes wonder whether -- if Collins had survived --Churchill could have rallied him to the British side in World War II as an advisor. He did it with Smuts, and very few leaders were as as fanatically anti-British in their time as Smuts was. It's astonishing to recall that the ex-Boer leader became a member of the Imperial War Cabinet, was appointed a Field Marshal in the British Army and that the King seriously considered that Smuts should replace Churchill if Churchill was incapacitated. And yet Smuts wasn't in the same league as Collins. The big fellow was one of the most capable guerrilla leaders in history. God knows, Churchill's cabinet always badly needed somebody who was in touch with reality.
  14. soupy.jpg Buttevant's finest
    "I love my soup me"
  15. The only thing Gerry Adams has ever said that I could agree with is:
    I have a good bit of respect for both ladies.