Haidars Gay Lover

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scrofula, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Apparently the trog who wishes to take on the -sheath, cloak. whatever, .., of Haider has just admitted that he was his gay lover, and reports are coming out that before he got tanked up and made his car a panelbeater's nightmare, he had been in a lover's tiff in some gaybar with his, er, impressario. I love it. Austrians, pure class.
  2. Sorry,i am putting a lot of effort in,but I still cant get this to register on my 'gives a toss o-meter'.
  3. Ever been screwed around by Austrians in uniform ? Obviously not. If you had, you'd love this immensely. The average Austrian, in terms of arrogance, makes a Zanu cadre look sweet.
  4. You seem to have a thing about Austrians. Were you denied membership to the Hitler Youth?
  5. When I worked in Greece we used to travel down through the old Jug Republic. We used to get more hassle and sheer bloody-minded petty bureaucrats at the Austrian side of the border than anywhere else.

    Anyway, back on topic: So Jörg was a gayer, was he? I always thought that these Neo Nazi thugs were supposed to be opposed to all that sort of thing?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Hitler would be turning in his grave . . . .
  7. ?????? To receive a pork sword :?: :?:
  8. Surely not.....

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  9. No that would be Ernst "Oooh what a woopsy" Rohm, shot by SS officers who allegedly found him riding the chocolate speedway. 50000 storm troopers and there's never an abteilung of them when you need it!


    "Hello jung men, you seem like a very nice liddel Hidler Youd...mochten sie some pubbies zu zehen?"[/align]

    Funnily enough this is one gay martyr who doesn't get much publicity...
  10. Bonzo, my earliest was being kicked out of Westbahnhof, not politely and with the words " Zis is nat ein hotel" and getting a slap in the face as well, aged about 22, for having a kip without a connecting ticket, about 1987. Like Hitler and the Vienna Jews, I never forget the Austrians.
  11. Reminds me of a documentary I saw years ago about the National Front. One of their leading lights joined up, shaved his head and started dressing in combats and a green bomber jacket.

    It was the 80s so everybody assumed he was gay, dressing like that. He got curious. Visited a gay pub. Started spending his evenings in Old Compton Street. Enjoyed a few 'experiences'. From there, he was on the downward slope to uphill gardening. Had to be filmed at a secret location due to death threats etc.

    I was laughing almost as hard at the next NF bloke in the lineup. Fell in love with a black woman and married her. He was also in hiding.

    Thanks Scrofula. Gay Nazis. That's made my day. :D

  12. Ah, who could love a Nazi except a teenage boy? Ask Sven.
  13. These nazis are all at it!
    When I was scooter skin in the 80s/90s, Nicky Crane was a real poster boy for the Blood & honour scum (nazi-skins) we used to ruck with. He was 'strongly associated' with various oi bands, including Skrewdriver, and then he turned out to be gayer than a gay thing, and then died of AIDs.


  14. Schle...... There is a God! Did you ever go to the dead centre of mid-Wales in the eighties for a meet? Angel Inn? We might have met. Nice folk, you scooter chaps, no harm.
  15. Scrofula, aye I went to the Angel Inn (I was in the Shrewsbury Loggerheads SC)