Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. All for a speeding ticket. Should have 'fessed up, paid the fine, taken the penalty point on his licence and dealt with. Now he has resigned his MP post, lost a lucrative salary and expense fiddling. Silly boy, all for either a moment of insanity, or egotistcal mupperty.

    Another MP, in 1971, Sir Gerald Nabarro (Tory), tried to get his private secretary take the rap for driving the wrong way round a roundabout outside Southampton. He was charged with Drink Driving. However he had a series of strokes and popped his clogs at the age of 60 years old.

    Another Bye Election, another indicator to see how complacent the local electorate is in Eastleigh.
  2. Im sure if he stayed in his job, Westminister would have sorted it on for few bottles of port, after all, few expense fiddles by the many were sorted like nothing happened.
  3. Fcuk me.
    This was 10 years ago, the little fat lying twat should have put his hands up to it back then, got his ban for 6 or 9 months (max) and stuck another £25,000 on his expenses for "photocopying and postage" (then gone and hired a chauffeuse - allegedly).
    How long is the current bird going to stick with him now, given that she has to fill in a Visitors Order to see him in the not too distant future?
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  4. Agreed, should have taken on the chin. Not just a cunt, but a stupid arrogant cunt.
    His partner, the gopping minging she/he will probably be on it's toes to it's lawyers to find out how much is likely to be coming it's way.
  5. Didn't Gerald Nabarrow get away with it?
    Saying after that British justice is a wonderful thing, if you can afford it.
  6. Huhne meets his new cellmate, Big Ron. When the cell door shuts, Ron says to him 'Do you want to be mummy, or daddy?'

    The terrified Lib Dem says 'I'll be daddy, please!'

    Ron replies, 'Happy with that. Now get on your knees. Mummy needs to have her cock noshed'.
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  7. At least Nabarro had a bit of zip and fire about him. Couldn't miss him with that big handlebar moustache. Always a character and an ex Army SNCO to boot. Not of this expense fiddling, ex PR type spivs that pass for MP 's these days.