Hahaha, LFC have blown it thread!

How Shite are Liverpool?

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"I told you so you daft fcuking whining Scouse twats".....

I have watched the LFC Travelling Circus implode slowly but surely over the past month and I fcuking laugh everytime Liverpool piss their red pants at Anfield.

According to Rafa Liverpool had won the title back in early December. He's looking an even bigger c.unt than normal the heart tapping, stupid goatee bearded Spanish gimp that he is. He's not in Wenger or Ferguson's league. Mouthing off about Fergy like a Scouser diddled out of his benefits followed by a titanic 0-0 at Stoke!

Now he 'PROUDLY' exclaims, 'It's OK, we're still level with Man Utd", yes dipstick, because they keep winning and you don't! Level? Is that why you're in second place and they've a game in hand? Doesn't seem very level to me.

Also, chuffed to see the Man City Express derail as well, long over due.... Hughes you useless, witless, gormless pr1ck.

Liverpool to finish 5th..... Man City bottom....... oh please......
So, Man U fan then :D


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It's only a game for over-paid, academically stunted, intellectually retarted hermers that (after they've kicked a ball between two posts) like to 'get it on' with each other in front of thousands of lobotomised red-necks in the stands. Whatever turns you on I 'spose.

Why are you jumping up and down so?

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