Hague Convention Petition - Please sign

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lumpy, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. As the thread containing the petition below appears to have wandered off track, I've given it its own thread.

    If everyone could please sign it, and pass the link to friends too. I'll try and get some more info regarding the Hague convention on here in the near future to show how damaging and abused the legislation is.


    Thanks to all who have signed so far - There are a number of serving soldiers at the minute that this affects - Lets do what we can for them.

  2. I had a quick look - I dont quite understand what this is about. Why was this girl sent back to Spain ??
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    WTF is this for?

    Rubbish - there's more to this than is being said. In the EU today nobody can be sent back to Spain from the UK against their will unless they've done something wrong.

    What is this petition (a-fcuking-nother one) really about and why the hell should we on ARRSE care Lumpy?
  4. I agree with Ord_Sgt. More details please before I even CONSIDER signing it.
  5. I noticed there was a petition to have a bar code tattooed on every persons forehead . Thats a good one !!
  6. Was she "sent back" to live in Spain as the parent with custody awarded by the court lived there?
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    OK found your post in Sappers about this and that doesn't make sense either.

    Who are we actually talking about here? Each paragraph contradicts the other one. Is it the wife or husband or Fred from the bakery? We should be told.

    Methinks you are peddling smelly solids or partaking of the alcohol cabinet.
  8. EU Human Rights legislation would not apply in the US - that is indeed a confusing post Ord Sgt. Do we take it the wife in question moved to the UK with her kids without the permission of the kids' father or the US Court?
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmmm seems the Spain thing is an issue of law not being applied properly and the judge cannot force this to happen - it WILL be against EHR and so can be appealed. I suspect the father is being a bit antagonistic by claiming abduction as after 11 months a court would throw it out on its arrse.

    I see no relevance to arrse and don't see why this should even be on here. I'm not signing it either.
  10. In my mates case, his wife had written permission to move to the UK from the US with her new serving British husband.....The ex husband then dropped out of contact with the kids for a number of years, and recently resurfaced, claiming the kids were abducted....The Hague Convention is for cases like this, but is being abused by so many ex partners, and putting families through hell....The ex doesnt have to back up ANY of his claims, they have to be disproved in court by my mates wife. Guilty until she can prove herself to be innocent....

    The Hague Convention clearly states that childrens wishes can be taken into consideration, BUT this does not happen in reality, and that is exactly what the 'Jessica's Voice' petition is regarding.....
  11. No offense mate but an internet petition is going to have absolutely sod all influence on this case. Spend your time trying to enlist the help of your local MP or MEP instead. Internet petitions are a waste of time in most, if not all, cases anyway. Do something more productive if you care that much.
  12. As I understand it the petition is asking for the Hague convention to be amended. But at the same time you say that the Hague convention already clearly states that children's wishes can be taken into consideration?

    In any case, surely what's more important is for the interests of the children to be considered, not their views. But again, the convention already says that.

    It must be a terrible thing to lose custody of your child and I sympathise with Jessica's mother. However, this is bound to happen to one parent in any dispute.

    By posting a link to a petition with a one line description and no real explanation you come across as someone who hasn't got what they wanted from a court and is yelling "Human rights!" in desperation. Again it's understandable but it's not a strong argument for signing your petition.

    If you really feel that some injustice has been done, first you need to work out whether the law is bad or just badly applied. If it's just badly applied then you'll be able to appeal the decision. If it's a bad law then a petition is a good idea but you need to put a lot more context in to the description and explain your case a lot more clearly.

    Best of luck.