Hagloffs bags, request for comment

After over 100,000 miles of getting beaten up, kicked, thrown on planes, boats and trains, my travel bag has to be retired. I was looking at RVOps and the Hagloff 60ltr bag as a replacement.

Has anybody any comments (good or bad) on the Hagloff bag or recommendations for another maker?


I've used one for about 6 years with no problems every time we go away - non operational though. I have the old version as the current generation online are about 2 years old, the range in general are tough, good build quality and waterproof and they do a job. We do not sell an enormous amount of them and lads within 3 Cdo Bde have used a combination of Haglofs bags, ME or North Face bags in the past. Hope that helps.
If you can get to a Go Outdoors their own branded travel bags (Hi gear) are very well made for a fraction of the price picked up a 65ltr one for £25 and they do 100ltr ones as well. Only come in red with black straps though


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I bought my North Face "Base Camp" bag dirt cheap off Ebay. It was brand new with tags and is still going strong after much abuse.

I can only assume that someone from the factory is flogging them on the side (and I'm not one to judge....)

Edited to add: I just checked my Ebay account to see if I could find a linky. Turns out the seller has been removed from Ebay. Read into that what you will.....
quecha/decathlon do some good kit duffles. have an old base camp bag that after 14 years is showing a little bit of wear and tear. Went for a quecha bag as the new NF models looked a bit tarty. £35 gets you 100litres or so. Current one going strong for 4 years.

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looking at it, the 100l Quecha bag is 100g less than the Haglofs 60l bag

Only nause with decathlon is getting to a store

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